A rose by any other name would still be… Fantasy Hockey


When we woke up yesterday morning, we were greeted by this fine tweet from Mr. Sean Leahy, associate editor for Puck Daddy.


And we reacted appropriately:
Thus ends the long hibernation from updating rosters for five different leagues, trying to work trades with impossible owners and laughing at people who want you to trade Malkin for Ryder (it’s happened), and now begins the fun and tedious process of choosing the perfect fantasy hockey team name.
Everyone has their own strategy for coming up with their team name. Some go with extinct and obsure NHL teams, others an homage to their favorite players. This year, the Days of Y’Orr staff has taken two approaches:
Jon is going with his team name from last year — Rancourt Fistpumps. A beautiful dedication to the man with the golden pipes.
Rancourt Fistpumps
We’re still pissed he didn’t do the national anthem at the Winter Classic.

While I decided to change up my team name from last year — HelmetHead (an homage to the great band, Great Big Sea) — to a Sci-Fi reference.

The Bourque Collective
Yea, I made a Star Trek reference. Suck it.

They said jocks and Trekkies couldn’t co-exist in the same world… we’ve proved them wrong.

Another Days of Y’Orr staff member, Pizz, went with Honey Nut Chelios last year, to the much dismay of the rest of the league.

On the heels, of course, of Leahy’s news came a slew of great fantasy hockey names via Twitter #fantasyhockeynames. You can find the whole list via that link, but we decided to go a step further and pick our favorites and see what these team name mascots or logos would look like.

After the jump, Photoshop fun and enough hockey puns to make you sick.

Here are some of our favorites. We’ve tried to give credit where credit is due to the people who came up with these ideas. If you thought of it first, sorry. If you don’t like us posting your team names here, well, you probably shouldn’t have tweeted it for all the world to see.

First off. The Punny:


The Ovie-Achievers

High Rask, High Reward


To Suffer the Slings and Parros

Billy Shakespeare would appreciate the pun

The Big Lebeleskey


That’s What Sbisa Said
We’re still not 100% sure how you really pronounce his name


North Kariya
(We saw a few Kariya/Korea references)


Baby Got Backstrom
Baby Got Backstrom
capitaLOLs had a few good names to choose from.


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sutter


Primeau money; Primeau problems

Ryan Callahan Auto Parts


Pat Quin Medicine Man
Pat Quinn Medicine Man
@jonnyc02223 was a roll last night with names

PJ (Stock) and the Bear
PJ Stock and the Bear
We know nothing about this show.

Bettman Returns


Your Loobs Give me a Savard-on


The Peter North Stars

The Peter North Stars logo
We’re assuming @thejpiga already knows about this


Staalship Troopers
Stallship Troopers
Coming this October…

Krejci Train

Thornton Hears a Bru


Zidlicky My Balls and Malkin Me Horny


Jersey Sheros
The Jersey Sheros
Fist pump!


Flight of the Commodores
Flight of the Commodores
We always appreciate a good Flight of the Conchords reference


The (Sexual) Predators

Some people go the blunt route with their team names:


Pronger is Gay
Pronger is Gay
Blackhawks wouldn’t lie to us, right?


Raycroft Sucks
(Tell us something we don’t already know)

Others were… well… just plain ol’ dicks:


And, lastly, there were those who prefer to be ironic.


Toskala Saves
Toskala Saves
Or not…

What’s your fantasy team name(s) for this year?


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