And thus we begin another hockey journey…

This is how we feel about the regular season starting…

There’s a certain buzz in the air these days. A fresh sheet of ice is laid down at the TD Garden, waiting to be skated on.

You’re getting your fantasy teams ready and smack talking your friends.


You’re not entirely sure if the Bruins still exist because you haven’t seen them on TV, but you can still feel it in your soul.

You’re getting ready to head out to a bar at 10am on a Saturday to pre-game for the Bruins first game.

You’re arguing with your friends about which rookies might make the team as call-ups during the season.

Your girlfriends/boyfriends are preparing for another long season as hockey widows/widowers.

You’re digging out your Bobby Orr and P.J. Stock jerseys and wearing them to work.

Someone says something about the Red Sox and you punch them in the mouth or check them into the wall. It’s hockey season bitch.


After the jump, we get a little excited….

Tomorrow, the regular season begins in the NHL. On Saturday, it begins for the Bruins.

As fans we are preparing ourselves to embark on a six to eight month (hopefully eight month) odyssey with our favorite team. We’re going to ride the emotional spectrum… not being able to sleep after a big overtime win and wanting to kick a puppy after a tough loss. Someone will tell you to relax, it’s just regular season. You’ll throw a hip check and yell “YOU’VE BEEN BOYCHUK’D!” as they lay unconscious on the floor.


The regular season is six wonderfully grueling months of living and dying with your team. You try to watch every game and if you can’t you’re annoying the people you’re with by constantly checking your phone for scores.

You go on double dates with your friends and after two hours of talking stats, hits and pretending you know more than your team’s GM you and your friend realize your girlfriends are gone and they have the car keys.

The bear is better than Blades. Sorry Blades.

You’ll get pissed if Rene Rancourt isn’t singing the anthem before games and you’ll do fistpumps in his honor.

Rene Rancourt Fistpump Winter Classic

You’ll curse at the TV screen when Pierre McGuire says something stupid… and he will. Often.


And what do you get at the end of that grueling six months if you’re lucky? You get the real season. The playoffs.Your girlfriend won’t see you for days. Anniversaries. Birthdays. Work functions. You’re automatically too busy if there’s a game on. You don’t schedule vacations from April to June just in case.


Your face is rough and hairy as you grow your own playoff beard to support your team. Or don’t shave your legs if you’re a lady.


You’ll refuse to wash your favorite shirt or jersey because you say it gives the team good luck when you wear it. But really it doesn’t and you just smell. But you don’t care. That’s part of being a fan.


After a long, long summer hockey is finally upon us again. Our TV’s will constantly be on Center Ice after 7pm. Friends and family will ask you to do something when a Bruins-Habs game is on and you’ll say you’re busy with work. But they’ll know.

You’ll make fun of other fan bases, even if their team is higher in the standings. It will be super fun.


It’s a new season. Last year doesn’t matter. The heartbreak. The highs. The devastating lows. All gone. This season is a another chance.

Another chance to watch and hope. Hope that a Cup drought finally ends.

Hope that we’ll see Gary Bettman hand the greatest trophy in all of sports to Zdeno Chara as we completely lose our minds.

But we’ll enjoy every single moment between now and April just getting ready for the playoffs. A new season is starting. Enjoy the ride.

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Jon loves Batman, The Joker, the Bruins and hates you. Especially you. He has a man crush on David Backes and hopes to someday be Mrs. Jon Boychuk.