Bounces and Rust. Bruins Lose.


Oh nos! The Sophomore slumps for Tuukka! Oh my gosh!


Rust, bad bounces and lack of help in front to start the game did both Rask and the Bruins in as they fell to the Rangers. The Bruins went down early but battled back. Lundqvist stole the game. Simple as that. The Bruins were fiesty and physical but the Rangers goaltender stole the show with 35 saves.

Admittedly the Bruins missed a couple of great chances when they whiffed on open nets in the crease, but hey that’s hockey. We’ll give credit where credit is due. Lundqvist was good. Good thing he’s on a mismanaged team like the Rangers and not an actual contender.


After the jump some fights, some cheap shots and a tough loss….


What we liked:

– Mark Stuart’s hit on Fedotenko. And just Mark Stuart. It was a good, clean but hard hockey hit. Love it. Stuart is at his best when he’s nasty and physical and he was certainly both in the first. Then that joke Sean Avery jumped him. Huge mistake Avery. Maybe you can write about how Stuart redecorated your face in your next Vogue article.

– Shawn Thornton. Our boy Thornton challenged the incredibly over paid and useless Derek Boogaard to a fight, putting him over 500 PIM for his career. Thornton was trying to get his team going and took on the much bigger Boogaard. Thornton is just awesome.

– Milan Lucic followed Thornton’s lead and tried to get his team going. He fought Prust in a shortlived fight, but hey we still like the effort. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that most of what we “liked” this period was fights. Yeah, there wasn’t a whole lot to like in the first for the Bruins tonight.

– Greg Campbell. Horton wasn’t the only good part about the Wideman trade. Campbell has been great, a strong physical presence on the fourth line, a great penalty killer and just a solid player. Scary moment when he went down after getting hit with a puck but luckily he was okay.

– Chara’s powerplay goal. What a canon. The Bruins did a good job cycling on that powerplay and  Chara was finally rewarded after a few good shots.

What We Didn’t Like:

– That son of a bitch Brandon Dubinsky slashing Johnny Boychuk. Boychuk has once again been the man so far this season and now he may be injured. No word yet on the extent of the injury but hopefully he’s okay. But for now, we’ve put a hit out on Dubinsky.


– Stuart’s hit on Fedotenko. No, the hit was good. But we hate how players can’t lay down hard but clean hits without some idiot like Avery jumping in. Stupid.

– Rask was certainly rusty, and who could blame him after not playing for two weeks, but the D in front of him wasn’t exactly stellar.


What We Liked:

– Nathan Horton scores. Again. He’s got points in every Bruins game this season. What a player. He’s fantastically dangerous from the slot. He’s on fire.


– David Krejci’s pass to Nathan Horton. Krejci did a no look back wards pass that landed right on Horton’s stick. Can’t stop watching this. What a player.

– Dennis Seidenberg to his 100th career assist. Congrats to Dennis.

What We Didn’t Like:

– The idiots that started chanting “We Want Thomas” after Staal’s breakaway goal for the Rangers. Seriously? Bet you were the same assholes chanting “Thomas Sucks!” last year. And if Thomas has a bad game those same people will probably chant for Tuukka. Boston fans are so fickle.

– Boogaard’s stupid cheap shot on Stuart. There was no need for that at all. Boogaard is an overpaid, untalented goon who shouldn’t even be on an NHL roster. Only an idiot like Glen Sather would sign this fool.

– Lundqvist being good. Seriously man, come on.



What We Liked:

– Bruins did a nice job of killing a double minor that Campbell got near the end of the second. The spill over resulted in a Rangers powerplay that lasted over three minutes to start the third. PK has certainly been a strong point this season.

– Marchand’s fiestyness. He definitely knows how to get under the skin of the opposition and throws some great hits. He almost tied the game late in the third but Lundqvist is still good. Dammit.

– The Bruins continuing to fight and press in the offensive zone. Last year when they were down in the third it almost seemed like they just gave up. But in the third period of this game they just kept coming. There were a few chances they probably could’ve buried but who knows.

What We Didn’t Like:

– Lundqvist was good again. F him.

Bruins tried but a couple mistakes ultimately cost them. But hey, they’re still 4-2-0. Go Bruins.

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