Bruins Fall in Shootout. Leafs Fans Throw Parade.


This one stung a bit. Bergeron should know better than to take a holding penalty like that. Bruins defense should know better than to run around like that in their own zone on a penalty kill. Whatever. Shit happens. Phil Kessel got lucky. Leafs fans can keep pretending he’s a savior though. Tim Thomas deserves about 800 gold stars for everything he did tonight. He deserved a better fate in the end.

It will be interesting to see how the Bruins respond to a loss like this back home against Buffalo on Tuesday.

Despite the loss, this was an entertaining hockey game. Great action at both ends. Leafs played well. We’ll give them that. Can’t deny it.

Bruins didn’t play a bad game either. Couple mistakes cost them. Boychuk destroyed lives. Campbell once again showed why the Bruins won the Horton-Wideman trade. Underrated pick-up. Can’t say that enough. Thomas continues to play out of his mind.

Horton finally reappeared. Seemed he lost a bit of confidence recently after hitting so many posts. Hopefully tonight’s goal gets him back on track. 

But by far the most humorous part of the night was Leafs fans bashing the Bruins, and specifically Thomas. Funny, Leafs fans are nowhere to be found prior to tonight. Oh, except for giving up on their team, demanding the head coach get fired, and talking about how much Kessel sucks.

Then the Leafs get a shootout win when Kessel scores a fluke goal and all of a sudden the Leafs are the best team in the NHL and Kessel is a stud.

Really Leafs fans, what do you have over the Bruins? Bruins Cup drought? Leafs is longer.

Leafs gave the Bruins Rask. For Raycroft. Leafs gave the Bruins Seguin. And the Leafs are going to give the Bruins another lottery pick in the 2011 draft. Congratulations. You got a regular season shootout win. It is sad when a win like this makes you celebrate this hard. Really, that is how bad your team sucks. 


After the jump, a mock recap celebrating how much Thomas “sucks”…….






Leafs Fans: Wow our team sucks, I’m changing the channel.

Jay Rosehill makes the trip all the way from the AHL to board Campbell. That is what talentless players need to do to get noticed. Then Shawn Thornton takes care of him. Notice how Schenn tries to jump it at first?


Eventually Carl Gunnarsson finds a way to beat Thomas.


We now take you live to Toronto after the goal….


Leafs Fans: Woooooooooooo We’re going to the Stanley Cup finals!!!!!





Hmm… really. Bruins and Thomas suck, huh?



If Thomas “sucks” then what does that say about the Leafs goalies? The Leafs have a -18 goal differential and the Bruins suck? Wow. Learn about hockey and then come back and try to argue.




Yeah. If you want intelligent Leafs fans, go visit Down Goes Brown. If you want to talk to inbred Leafs fans, talk to people like the other guy above.






Leafs brought their A game tonight. Like we said, can’t deny that. Thomas was a thief all night though. As has been the case many times this season. He was robbing people left and right all game, but especially in the third. Ridiculous. But he’s so super fat and terrible ’cause he loves cheeseburgers. Hardy har har tee hee ha ha good joke.


Really was a good game to watch. We meant that part. Campbell scored off a good feed by Seguin to break the tie after some great back and forth action. Usually a Bruins lead in the third (this year anyway) means a victory.


Boychuk was ruining people. Hard. He’s still the man.

Leafs were motivated on this night. Bergeron took a late holding penalty. Less than a minute left in the game. Leafs pull Giguere. 6 on 4. Puck finds an open Versteeg. Thomas can’t get there in time. Too much open space. Game tied. 2-2.


Once again, we take you live to Toronto after the goal….



We have two words for OT. Tim. Thomas.



Too bad Thomas is fat and sucks and couldn’t make that save. Oh wait. He did. Whoops. 

Jack Edwards was ripping on the shootout. Kind of funny. “Too bad this game has to end on a gimmick” or something like that. Have to agree with him tonight. Would’ve loved to just keep watching these two teams play tonight.

Kadri went first for the Leafs. Good goal. Seguin answers. Kulemin misses. Krejci… yeah no idea what he was doing there. Kessel’s turn. Thomas makes the save… but slides back into the goal. Ryder hits post at the other end. Game. Thems the breaks. See you Tuesday Buffalo.




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