Bruins Fall to the Rochester Panthers

Why the hell do the networks hate Bruins preseason? No where to watch, listen, or stream it tonight.  And it makes these recaps a lot harder to write.

That makes us angry…

Without any options left, we were forced to drink heavily and yell at the twitters to give us updates.  By the end of the game, this was me:

I may or may not have issues..

Seriously though, it’s almost as if the game didn’t even happen.  If you don’t have access to any social media, there was virtually no live coverage of the game.  In fact, the game was so poorly covered, here is’s recap of the game.  No joke, this is it:

Recap Fail

Things didn’t start off too great, not even halfway into the first, the Bruins went down 1-0 after a goal by Booth.  Kampfer managed to answer back for the Bs (assisted by…Ryder? Holy Shit!).  Didn’t take long for Booth to score his second goal though, and the Bruins ended the period down 2-1.

There were two fights in the period.  Lane MacDermid took on Andrew Peter, and Nathan McIver instigated a fight with Bryan Allen.  I’d love to post video of these, but since video cameras apparently don’t exist in Rochester, we were hard pressed to find any.

Moving on to the 2nd period and… lets get it over with… Wideman scored early in the second, which was ultimately the game winning goal.  Hopefully Boston fans will get the complaints that we never should have traded him out of their systems fast and move on.  Who knows?  Maybe we weren’t far off with Wideman’s part of what the Bruins Never Leave Home Without.

Jeff LoVecchio scored in the 3rd off a Zach Hamill, but the final score was 3-2 Panthers.  Wasn’t all bad though, Bruins PK performed well, and some of the younger players performed well.

See you on Saturday Panthers.  In Boston, not Providence.  We actually like hockey here.

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