Bruins Ice Girl Auditions… another sign hockey is near

The Garden Crew started the magic yesterday by painting in the spoked-B on what will become center ice.

Beautiful. At five weeks old, these guys were already coloring inside the lines while the rest of us were still drooling on ourselves.
Yesterday also marked Day II of “Captain’s Practice.” No big changes to who showed up from Tuesday (i.e., Savard is still at home… or someplace). Recchi hit the ice with the kids after skating by himself on Tues. Matt Kalman got some video of Lucic talking about Savard’s “hurt feelings.”

Apparently Ice Girl auditions were a couple of weeks back, meaning super tans and midrifs were running wild in the Garden. No idea where we were when this madness was going down. Maybe next year we’ll get picked to be special guest referees judges. We can wish. Six new girls have joined the squad to be drooled over, hit on, and have crappy beer spilled on them by college frat boys during the upcoming season. And they’ll do it all with a smile on their face. put together a short video highlighting the event.

We’re a little disappointed no one went in with a “We Want Cusick” flier strapped them. We’re not angry; just disappointed.
We are amused that the Ice Girl Wanna-bes had to go through a t-shirt throwing exercise, complete a trick-throwing competition and having to toss a t-shirt to a make-believe crowd while being covered like they’re in the NBA.
Boston Bruins Ice Girl Tryout - T-shirt toss
This defense is still tighter than the Washington Capitals’ D
Bet they felt like idiots, especially with that camera on them.
We’ve been to enough games to know that no fan jumps around in an Ice Girl’s face like this. They’ll wave their arms like they’re flagging a cab, send their kids to the front lines, and wrestle in the stands over a loose t-shirt, but doing jumping jacks in an Ice Girl’s face just doesn’t happen… they might spill their beer. Pretty sure security would take them out fast, too.
Our Bloguin bretheran in the PensBlog had a fun post about the Penguins bi-gender Ice Crew. Read it and enjoy.

And if you’re really looking to hang with the Ice Girls, the Boston Bruins have opened up a part-time position to be the Bruins second mroe popular mascot — Blades. Apparently you need to be a good dancer to be Blades… because, y’know, Blade does all that dancing at games and events. *rolls eyes*

Doesn’t matter. No one can top the Bear dancing anyways.



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