Bruins Player Preview: Left Wings

Left Wings are probably one of the weaker positions for the Bruins, especially when compared to the others.  That’s not to say there aren’t some quality players, but the majority of the scoring won’t be from these guys.  With the exception of Begin’s absence this year, the LW core for the Bruins has remained unchanged for now.  Later in the season though we’d expect to see some changes.

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After the jump we look at the Bruins Left Wings-

Get it?? Get it??

Marco Sturm


Last Year: Sturm lead the Bruins in scoring with a breakout year of…oh yeah.  Well I’m sad to say he did still lead the Bs in goals…

With 22 goals…


He did manage to score the game winner during the Winter Classic.  While it really doesn’t make up for anything, it made us happy for a short time!

During the 7 games he played in the playoffs, Sturm was invisible.  0 goals, 0 assists, and just 11 shots.  He eventually went down during the Philly series with a torn ACL and MCL.

Role: Sturm will be on the long term IR for at least the start of the season.  It’ll be interesting to see his role when he does eventually heal. A return to the first line seems unlikely assuming everyone stays healthy, especially with how prone he has been to injury.

Daniel Paille

Care for a piece of Paille?

Last Year: Breakaway artist with the uncanny ability to NOT capitalize, Paille was far from an offensive threat.  This was particularly true as the season went on.  In all fairness that wasn’t his primary role though.  Paille found a home on the Penalty Kill and as much as we criticise him, he’s was pretty gosh darn good at it.   He also managed to throw the occasional brutal hit.

Overall he wasn’t a horrible pick up when we obtained him from the Sabres, especially for just a 4th round pick.  He netted 10 goals and 9 assists during the regular season.  During the playoffs, he was what we grew to expect from him.  Solid defensively, less than solid offensively, and move failed breakaway attempts than he had points.


Role: More of the same really…faster than an offsides Wheeler and a worse shooter than Wideman.  Ok, that was too mean.  Really though, as key as Paille has been on the PK, its just hard to get excited to see him play this year.  With his speed, we’d love to see him work on his offense, but he’s never produced very impressive numbers in the NHL.

Expect to see him on the bottom two lines and special teams for the the majority of the season.

Milan Lucic


Last Year: 9 goals and 11 assists in 50 games, but despite the less than impressive point total, it’s hard to be tough on him.  He had to struggle through some pretty brutal injuries, and the poor guy even had to miss the Winter Classic.  Even still, facts are facts and we just didn’t get the production out of Looch that we were hoping for…

…that is, of course, until the end of the season and into the playoffs where he became a joy and pleasure to watch.  He managed 9 points in 13 playoff games, all the while being physical.  He was most impressive during the Flyers series, particularly during *sigh*… game 7.

Role: The playoffs gave us something to look forward to in Lucic this year and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have high expectations of him.  We’re expecting a large physical threat with some offensive prowess.  We want to see more of what we saw during the 08-09 season, like this:

And this!

Ok, so that glass breaking may have been more of a fluke than anything but who cares, it was still awesome.

Lucic should get plenty of time on the top line with Horton and Krejci to start the season, which could be one of the most balance lines in the NHL.  A little bias? Maybe, but get used to it from DOY.

Shawn “Motherfucking” Thornton

Last Year: We know that here at Days of Y’Orr we tend to go on about Shawn Thornton’s awesomeness, his effort, and claim that he is the 3rd greatest NHL player of all time.  To some, it may be annoying to hear such praise be given to a 4th line player who barely puts up 10 points a season…

Those people can kindly go fuck themselves…

Thornton was a shining light in an otherwise dark and dismal season last year.  He’s fun to watch, always gave his full effort while on the ice, and was just an overall classy guy.  He racked up 141 penalty minutes (16th overall in the league) and 21 fighting majors (6th in the league).

Also, they really, really need to mic up Thornton more!

Role: Just to keep doing what he always does.  Protect his teammates and drop the gloves whenever needed.  Rather than go into any more detail, here are a couple more examples:

Just 38 more hours…

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