Bruins Recap: Buffalo Hunting Season, 5-2 Victory!


All you need to know is that Thomas let up two goals this game.  Obviously his time has passed, trade him now.

Oh wait:

Yeah, we couldn’t agree more twitter, if Thomas keeps this up, he’s heading for his second Vezina in 3 years.  But enough of praising the current top goalie in the NHL…

After the jump, a look at what we liked and didn’t like.

What We Liked

-Miller wasn’t playing tonight, although given his record this year, that may have not been that big a deal.  Thanks for completly ruining my keeper fantasy team asshole

-The Sabre’s jerseys, anything is better than the slug


-Brad Marchand getting both a goal and an assist.  This young guy is just a joy to watch and deserves some points for how hard he works

-Who knew that Ryder would actually show signs of a rebound year, another goal and assist for him.

– Wheeler….scored?

– We never cease to be entertained by Mark Stuart and his zany antics

– The Bruins penalty kill continues to be strong.  Despite letting up a goal, they scored two shorthanded goals and killed off seven of eight penalties

– Tim Fucking Thomas, no explanation needed.

– Maybe we still haven’t fully recovered from last year, but the offense just continues to impress and it was good to see them taking advantage of their chances.


What We Didn’t Like

– The Horton trade was a bust!!!! Two games without a point!?! Who cares if he is still averaging a point a game!

– It’s tough to blame the two goals on Thomas, he could have used a little more help in front of his net.

– Building on the last point,  once the Bruins go up by 2+ goals they tend to back off a bit, especially in the 3rd.  Hope to see them work on that over the course of the year.

– There seemed to be a lack of discipline tonight, several of those penalties on the Bruins didn’t need to happen.  Although, we have no problem with taking this penalty:


– Boston scored an empty net goal?? Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Next game is Friday in Washington, where we hope to see our 3rd win against the Capitals.

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