Bruins Rookies Destroy Islanders Rookies

Boston Bruins Rookie Game

The Days of Y’Orr crew excitedly attended the first Bruins game of the season as the Bruins rookies faced off against the Islanders rookies and completely dominated the future Kansas City Islanders. Watching these two teams face off was even better than the movie Faceoff!

Seriously….. this movie was awful. Wow.

More than 11,000 fans showed up to see all the Bruins “rookies.” And by rookies we mean Tyler Seguin. Seguin-mania was in full force. But seriously, the Bruins have plenty of good prospects not named Tyler that were on full display.

The game was a tale of goals, triumph, defeat and violent revenge! Join us now as Days of Y’Orr takes you on a trip called “recap.”

Ahhhhh…… look at that sweet sweet ice….

After the jump, a quick recap and players who impressed us…..

Crazy ole Jack Edwards MC’d this party as the Bruins regular PA annoucer had prior engagements. Good to see the Jack.

The first period was a goaltending clinic of sorts while the rookies shook off some nerves. Seemed like the young kids were just kind of feeling each other out. You know, like that first spin the bottle game you played in middle school.

Islanders goalie Mikko Koskinen seemed on fire in the first. He was giving up lots of juicy rebounds but had no problem making second and third saves despite Jared Knight plowing into him like a pornstar.

But in the second the Bruins decided to go all Drago on lil Mikko.

Boston scored three goals and laid down the law in two fights. Players were sticking up for each other and trying to impress coaches with their fistic skills. These rookie Bruins had more fight than some other Bruins in a Game 7. Sorry. Still beating a dead horse. Still bitter.

Jordan Caron, Max “Rico” Sauve (we know that’s not how his name is pronounced) and Lane MacDermid all scored while Antoine Roussel battled Travis Hamonic and Ryan Donald punched in Alex O’Neil. Poor, poor Lane MacDermid. Guy skates down on Mikko, scores a beautiful goal. Jack Edwards annouces the goal. Barely anyone cheers.

Jack utters the phrase “assisted by Tyyyyyyyyyyler Seeeeeeeguin!” and the crowd erupts. It was a pretty sweet pass though. But c’mon, McDermid scored the frickin’ goal!


Things got a little ugly in the third, as the Islanders were probably upset about being down 3-1 to the Boston Carons Bruins.

Islanders 2010 first round pick, #5 overall, Nino Niederjerkface decided it was a good idea to try to rip off Tyler Randell’s helmet. Rookie mistake. See what I did there?

Randell wheeled around and played Ike Turner to Nino’s Tina and Hartford whaled on Nino. Well deserved beat down for that punk. Justin Dibenedetto didn’t like that Randell had turned his teammate’s face into a punching bag and let Randell verbally know.

Then Dibenecoward decided revenge was a dish best served… two minutes later. Joe Colborne was battling along the boards with Dibeneasshole had a mid 80s WWF flashback and went all Macho Man Randy Savage on Colborne. A pool of blood formed on the ice as Colborne wobbled towards the Bruins bench before being met by trainers and teammates, and helped off the ice.

Man beast Jordan Caron made sure the Bruins got the last laugh, scoring two more goals to complete his hat trick and a 5-2 victory. Great start to the season for the rookies.

The Bad: Boston’s powerplay going 1 for 7 on the night. Brutal. But this is the first real game these guys have played together and nerves had to factor in, so we can’t criticize them too much. Plus, they still won by a good margin. Suck it Long Island.

The Ugly: Mike Komisarek’s face. And Colborne’s injury. Chi-chi-chi-chiarelli said after the game that Colborne needed stitches and had a chipped tooth but should be okay. He will be held out of tonight’s game as a precaution. Hope Dibenedetto gets hit by a bus. Or forced to play in Florida. Say hi to Wideman.

The Good: Bruins fans have A LOT to be excited about after last night. A lot. You can give us the excuse that it was a rookie game and that things may have been different against NHL level players. Whatever. Go away. We’re excited.

Jordan Caron looked like a man amongst fetuses last night. He was hitting, scoring and banging opposing players girlfriends on the bench. He was virtually impossible to move off the puck. Going to the front of the net seemed to come natural. If you’re Ryder, Sturm or Wheeler you better be a little nervous right now. Is he going to get a hat trick every game? Of course not, you fool. But if he plays that hard every night he’s going to crack the roster.

Seguin looked a bit tenative to start but as the game went on he displayed his great vision and play making skills, making fantastic moves and passes in the offensive zone and getting a few good reads to break up plays in the defensive zone. He’s the next Wayne Gretzky!!! Oh sorry, wanted to jump on that “unreal expectations” bandwagon for a second.

Jared Knight impressed us. He didn’t have a great game and like many others nerves probably got the best of him. But we loved that he basically lived on the goalies face. Bruins have been missing a guy who will charge the net like that and hopefully Knight keeps that trait as he develops. We have a feeling that in a couple years people will be telling Chiarelli he’s a genius for taking him early in the second round.

Max Sauve was very impressive as well. Guy’s fast. Super fast. Faster than you in bed. And he can puck handle like the dickens at high speeds. Good chance this guy makes some noise at training camp.

The penalty kill was great. 4 for 4 and they produced a lot of scoring chances shorthanded. Arniel was a PK beast. Like your mom. We like to see that.

We could go on and on. Future is bright fo the Bruins. We’ll be at tonight’s game as well and will have more for you later.


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