Bruins Show Up Just In Time For The 3rd, Win 3-1


Really Bruins? Are you going to be putting us through this all season?? The only comfort I take out of this game (besides the win) is that they can only show up to play for 20 minutes and still pull out a victory.

Then again, it was against the Panthers so I probably shouldn’t be surprised.  The real question is: What were the Bruins doing during their time in Florida that would cause them to come out so flat two games in a row??


Oh…well that makes sense…

I don’t mean to treat this game as a loss, it was great to see Boston rally to pull out the win, and despite the poorly played first two periods, there were some good things to take away.  Thomas was once again a god among men, a HUGE congratulations to Recchi for reaching 1500 point, and well…thats about it.

After the jump, a period-by-period breakdown.


Florida came out ready to play.  They may not be winning but from what we’ve seen, it’s not from lack of effort.  I think we finally discovered their secret though:

sexpanther60% of the time…It works every time!

Continuing the last thought, the shots were about even, the the scoring chances Florida got were far better.  Any stragglers out there that still want Thomas traded, kindly shut your mouths forever.

– Stuart continues to be a god damned beast in the physical game.

– The hot and cold Power Play was especially cold this period, they didn’t get one shot on net.

– If you ask Jack Edwards, Julien is a cowboy from the old west, firing guns at the player’s feet to make them dance…wtf???




– Poor puck handling in front of the net and sub-par scoring chances made this a tough period to watch.

– Reinprecht scored the first goal of the game off of a rebound caused by Repick’s shot. Thomas made the initial save, but there was no way he could catch the rebound.

– The period ended with the Panthers up 1-0. After the play during the first 40 minutes, we felt a lot like this guy:



– Ok, lets see how the Bruins can mess up thi–HOLY SHIT MARCHAND GOT A SHORTHANDED GOAL!!!!!!! (Admit it, if you were watching the game, that was your reaction).  Admittedly it was a lucky giveaway by Vokoun, but that’s fine by us. 

– The second goal was scored by Recchi off of a Krejci feed.

– Sometime in the 3rd, I think between Recchi’s 1st and 2nd goal, The YMCA could be heard in the background…I’m starting to see why no one goes to Panthers games


– Some great passing during a 5 on 3 advantage leads to Mark Recchi’s second goal of the game and 1500th career point, definitely a milestone he should be proud of.

And there you have it.  No one said that every win needed to be pretty.  Whats concerning is that Julien needed to make some line shifts after the first two periods, putting Bergeron back on the top line in place of Krejci.  We love Bergeron, but we also loved that Horton-Krejci-Lucic line even more.  Could just be that the chemistry is a little off after Krejci’s absence.  

Next game is against the Whalers Hurricanes on Black Friday… the most racist of all Fridays.  

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