Bruins Spoon in OT, Win Again

Sweet sweet victory…

The Bruins rookies completed the first ever undefeated season in the NHL as they went 2-0 in the rookie season against the Islanders to win the Rookie Cup that we just made up right now.


Max Sauve continues to make a good case for a roster spot. That sound you hear is Mikey Ryder shitting himself. Julien loves his vets so Ryder will certainly still have a chance to earn some trust back but Caron and Sauve are on his ass.

Yeah…. we know we’re not the first to make this joke….

After the jump, rookie B’s win ugly…..

14,180 people came out to see Seguin again and then got pissed when he didn’t score. What a bust. How dare he not put up 10 points a game.

Avoid Sportshub. These calls will happen.

The first period of this game was ugly. Thrashers attendance figures ugly. For awhile it seemed like the rookies were more concerend with getting revenge on Dibenedetto for the Colborne hit. They were sloppy and perhaps trying too hard. Ray Tony Romano scored to put the Islanders up 1-0. Bruins only put up four shots in the first. Thats not even a good happy hour.

Then Mr. Sauve took over. Apparentlly he didn’t want to be out done by Jordan Caron last night. Sauve didn’t score tonight but he was everywhere. The man was impressive. He was making sweet passes, firing shots, beating out Islanders for pucks. Sauve threw a fantastic shot at Islanders goalie Kevin Poulin who gave up a juicy rebound. Ryan Spooner bangs it home. 1-1 bitches.

He’ll graduate from high school in 2015.

Chiarelli’s 2010 draft is looking good so far. Seguin (no brainer), Jared Knight. Ryan Spooner.

Third period was a goalie clinic of sorts. Hutchinson was fending off Islanders shots while the Bruins were catching up in shots but failing to finish around the Islanders net. They watched too much 2009-10 Bruins games. Rookies went to their first NHL OT game.

Less than a minute left in OT. Looks like we’re going to rookie shootout. But wait…. what’s that. Its the awesome Max Sauve with a fantasitc outlet pass to Spooner. Ryan Spooner has obviously been practicing his NHL11 dekes. Bam. Game over. Bruins sweep the Islanders in their two game set and party like its September 16th.

Not the best game for the Bruins rookies but they pulled off the victory. If you weren’t there, know that you should be excited about the Bruins future. They have a lot of potential in their pipeline. We’re pumped. Regular season needs to come now. Can’t wait to see the camp battles.

The Bad: Boston’s power play. Again. No chemistry, trouble setting up plays. Seguin does work a good half wall though. But what do you expect from the limited time these guys had to practice together? How can anything really be bad now that hockey season is upon us?

The Ugly: Nino Niederreiter. Kid was a punk. So far he seems like he’s going to be the type of NHL player that cheap shots people and runs away until the refs step in. He was diving like he was trying out for the Montreal Canadiens. Must’ve watched some Ovechkin highlights. Hope Boychuk checks him into oblivion if he sticks with the Islanders big club.

The Good: One thing we loved about these rookies is their fiestyness. We’re sure this is no coincidence, but they were acting like Bruins of old. These young kids were sticking up for each other, going to battle for each other. They were hitting and fighting. They definitely watched their Bruins history tapes. Even when they weren’t playing well you could see they were playing hard. So excited about this crop of kids we can’t even tell you.

Good to see Spooner step up tonight. We hope these kids keep playing hard. They want to make the roster which is great. Maybe some of the veterans on the bubble will take notice and know some of these kids (Caron, Sauve) seem ready to go if the vets faulter again. Seems like Julien, Chiarelli, etc have some tough decisions going into camp.

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