Bruins Fall to Capitals JV Squad

We thought there was a Bruins game tonight. Guess the Bruins didn’t ’cause they didn’t show up. This was a fairly poor effort. We’ve stayed positive throughout pre-season and we’re not overly concerned…. but at least play hard. Most of the guys tonight played like they didn’t care. Maybe they’re tired. Maybe they were looking ahead to going overseas. But whatever the reason, they got spanked in a terrible 4-1 loss. We don’t mind losses if we at least know the team tried. Tonight…. we don’t think they did. Most of them anyway.

They were already on their European Vacation.


After the jump, an effortless recap……

Things We Liked About the First Period:

– Liked that the fans gave Timmy Thomas a good ovation
– Campbell is fiesty…. dropped the gloves with Matt Hendricks two seconds in. Then he got lost in his jersey. Guess Caps were  mad his messed with Ovechkin but they were too scared to go after Boychuk.
– Loved seeing Chimera go after Boychuk and Chara, and then seeing both Bruins shrugged him off like an ugly chick at a bar.
– The TD Garden is refreshingly air conditioned
– Blake Wheeler threw a hit! For serious! Call the papers!


– Justin bought a coke. Sources said it was delicious
– Bruins being very physical in an otherwise lackluster period. Especially Lucic. And he’s showing off his slapshot. He temporarily injured Perreault
– Boychuk made a fantastic play to save a goal… Caps did a nice cross crease pass that got Thomas out of position, but Boychuk got his stick down to prevent the goal. In Boychuk, We Trust.


– Penalty Kill looked solid. Caron seeing some time again. Kid looks good.

Things We Didn’t Like About the First Period:

– Putting Seguin on a line with Ryder. Poor lil guy. Ryder has looked awful. Please stick Seguin with guys he can learn something from Bruins.
– Sloppy line change and bad D led to an easy one timer by Backstrom. No chance for Thomas. Caps 1-0.


– Seguin playing at center some tonight. Not a good idea. He is not ready to handle the defensive aspects of the position at the NHL level and it shows.
– Bruins playing like they’re already on theire European vacation. Lazy efforts for a lot of guys.

Things We Liked About the Second Period:

– Boychuk’s slapshot. What a canon.
– Boychuk’s effort. Flew through the air at one point trying to land a hit. He really is super man.
– Horton’s effort. He’s everywhere. Fans are going to like him. A lot. Hit a post on the powerplay
– Thomas’ sweet ass passing. Ha. He was so bored at one point.
– Jon ate a brownie. Sources say it was chocolately and delightful.


– Boychuk had the front of the Boston net locked down.
– Boychuk gave Thomas a hug as they headed off the ice after the second. Neither goal was really Thomas’ fault and Boychuk probably knew it.

Things We Didn’t Like About the Second Period

– For the Caps: No Ovechkin, no Semin, no Knuble, no Green. Bruins: Still no goals. Ouch
– Bruins must be great in the sack ’cause they had no finish. Finish around the Caps net was bad. B’s missed a few REALLY good opportunities.
– Backstrom redirects shot from point, 2-0 caps. JV Squad taking it to the Bruins big boys.
– Seguin makes beautiful cross crease pass that Wheeler can’t bury. Wheeler then tripped by Caps goalie Holtby and heads to locker room. Game keeps getting uglier
– The power play went 0-3, including a four minute double minor. This is where the Bruins really miss Savard. Get well soon  Savvy! 
– Andrew Ference


Things We Liked About the Third Period

– Not a whole lot.
– Caron was a beast around the net, but kept getting denied. Hope he sticks with the team.
– Mark Recchi showing the boys how to use just the tip. Goal. SCORE!
– Wheeler came back on the ice. Looked like he was hurt towards the end of the second after he fell awkwardly into the boards. We give Wheeler crap here sometimes, but we don’t want to see him get hurt.
– The game mercifully ended.

Things We Didn’t Like About the Third Period

– Posts.
– Robb was too busy looking at new jerseys and didn’t clear the net in front of Thomas. Jerk.
– Michael Ryder


– Bruins Defense. Or lack of defense. Wow.
– The crowd. Idiots mock cheering Thomas. Guy hasn’t played in months, coming off an injury and had zero help from his defense. Lets in a few goals. Crowd boos him and mock cheers him Montreal style. If you’re one of the people who did this, you suck. A lot.
– Bruins effort


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