Bs looking for drunken girl powerful enough to kick hole in bathroom pillar

Drunk girl at the Bruins game kicked a hole in the bathroom
With tired, Friday morning eyes we found this gem on (stress, ours):

BOSTON (AP) Officials from the new Boston Garden are trying to identify a woman who can be seen on an internet video kicking a hole in a bathroom pillar.

Boston Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura said building officials found the damage in their postgame sweep after Saturday night’s game against the St. Louis Blues. They are trying to identify and locate the woman, whose face is clearly shown in the video.

In the video, a woman in a Milan Lucic Bruins T-shirt kicks a hole in a support pillar in the bathroom.

Then she falls down.

First off, we’re 75% sure whoever did this must be a Days of Y’Orr reader. It’s the only explanation. Bunch of hooligans, our readership.

Like these guys:

Or they’re from Northeastern.

Secondly, we don’t think AP needs to call the TD Bank Garden the new Boston Garden. It’s been around for quite a while now; there’s nothing new about it. 

Thirdly, of course it’s a someone in a Lucic t-shirt kicking a hole in the bathroom. She was just honoring his legacy.


Lastly, a bathroom pillar? It’s not like the Garden is built out of Styrofoam and plywood. That must’ve been quite the Kung Fu kick with a little help from copious amounts of alcohol. Well played, belligerent drunken female. Well played.

So which of you fine ladies did it? Fess up. They got your face on video — it’s just a matter of time. You might as well fess up and tell us your drunken story (if you even remember it). Wonder if it’s the same people who’ve been stealing VERUS’ Bruins ads from T-stops.

We haven’t been able to find said “internet video” but we did find this.

Filming anything in a bathroom is grade-A creepy

Points to anyone who can find said “internet video.” 

EDIT: Thanks to Joe Murray who found a link to the video. Video below or check it here.

DOUBLE EDIT: The Bear has caught wind of this girl’s shenanigans and he’s pissed. He shows his disdain in a new commercial.  


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