Cam Ward was good. Bruins were not.


Don’t let the high shot total fool you. The Bruins played awful for the majority of the game. This was terrible. Really terrible. January of 2010 terrible. Not to take anything away from Cam Ward. He absolutely robbed the Bruins multiple times. The Hurricanes capitalized on Bruins turnovers.

Well… the Bruins started good. First period looked better for the Bruins than the past few games but that all went down hill. Fast. Special teams were awful. Effort was almost non-existent after Carolina’s first goal. Paille blew a rare opportunity for himself. Basically… it was hard to find anything good to say about this game.

As fans it is getting frustrating. We keep trying to tell ourselves the season is still young. But that’s becoming less and less true. We are now starting to question this team’s heart. Just like last year. Lately they have a tendency to play like they just don’t WANT to win. The players and coaches need to do something. How many games now have they rattled off standard, bland answers about the need for a better effort? Words mean nothing now. We need action.

After the jump… redneck interviews and a whole lot of awful, awful hockey….



The Bruins came out of the gate on fire. Lucic, Bergeron and Horton are developing some chemistry. Perhaps this game was going to be different….

Boston was peppering Cam Ward but could not break him. It was ridiculous. It seemed like the Bruins were constantly buzzing around the Carolina net.

Thomas was busy being bored down at the Boston end. At one point we even saw him playing a game of solitaire. Crazy Tim.

After a whistle Marchand put his stick in Jay Harrison’s skate and made him stumble. It was hilarious. Marchand just skated away right after. Gotta love that kid’s moxy.

Lucic was firing shots left and right. He’s got some mustard on his shot, as Jack Edwards would say. But Ward was a brick wall. The mood began to change as the Bruins were visibily frustrated by their inability to get anything past Ward.

The Bruins kept buzzing and Ryder fed Wheeler with a great cross crease pass. Not sure if Ward or the post got a piece but Canes lucked out a bit. 

Shortly after, Chara fired a shot that just missed the net. The puck went around the back of the Hurricanes’ net and went right to Horton. Our arms were already half in the air. But Ward got a piece. Just enough. The puck danced along the goal line but never crossed. This was an omen. It was going to be that type of night. Bruins continued to deflate. Cam Ward was robbing the Bruins old west style.


Lucic, Bergeron and Horton were creating chances every two seconds but got nothing. Then the game changes for the worse, and just snowballed for the Bruins.

With just over a minute left in the first, Wheeler went to the box for holding Jackie Tim Gleason.

Then Paille showed why he’s been in the press box all season. He got the puck and skated into the Carolina zone. Then he just… lost the puck. He wasn’t pressured. No Carolina player made a good move on him. He just lost it.

Suddenly Carolina had an odd  man rush at the other end. The NHL’s best rookie so far this season, Jeff Skinner, beat Thomas. Goal. 1-0.


Boston’s top ranked penalty killing unit gave up the games first goal on the powerplay. Boston allowed just six shots in the first but Skinner made his count. End of period.

Between periods, Patrice Purrgeron was on the streets interviewing visiting Carolina fans. Patrice, how are Carolina fans enjoying Bostons?


Wonderful. Thanks Patrice. Sorry we sent you out to do this buddy.


Bruins were falling down all over the place to start the second. Paille style. I guess they forgot ice is slippery.

Thornton keeps trying to get Carolina players to fight him, probably to try to light a spark for his team. No one would accept his dance invitation though.


Bruins apparently didn’t practice their passing. Awful. They couldn’t even connect on passes from two feet away. Painful to watch. Looked like they just gave up. Sad, sad effort.

Boston gets a chance when Eric Cole went to the box for tripping to give the B’s their first powerplay of the game. Time to see what they’re made of.

And the answer was crap. No fight at all. No desire. No desperation. It can best be described as vomit on ice. Think of the ugliest boy/girl in your highschool. Then multiply that by ten and you had the Bruins powerplay effort.

Ference went to the box right after. Time for the B’s penalty kill to redeem themselves….

But Carolina was buzzing. B’s had trouble clearing. An ominous feeling overtook the crowd. Carolina fired a shot that Thomas gloved but couldn’t hold onto. Boston’s defense let Carolina beat them to the puck. Ian White got the puck back at the point and fired a shot. Ruutu tips the puck in front. 2-0. Carolina now 2 for 2 on the powerplay. Ouch.

Right after the goal you could see Shawn Thornton bouncing around on the bench trying to get his team going. They failed him. On his next shift he tried to find a dance partner again, but the Hurricanes know they are no match for Shawn Thornton. He was alone once again.


The Carolina state flower is the pansy.

Marchand drew a penalty. He’s good at that. Boston got the sixth man on the ice on the delayed call. Seguin got the puck next to Ward with a wide open net. But Ward absolutely mugged Seguin. Jesus. Ward is out of his f’ing mind this game.

B’s back on the powerplay. Well, technically. You wouldn’t have known from watching them. So awful.


Bruins got a few good chances at the end of the period but apparently Ward takes his job as a goalie seriously. No dice. End of period.

We now bring you once again to Patrice Purrgeron interviewing Carolina fans. Patrice…



To be honest, by this point in the game we were pretending this was all a bad dream. Jussi Jokinen scored on the powerplay. Carolina went a perfect 3 for 3 on the powerplay. How’s that number one ranked PK looking Bruins?

The Bruins powerplay, on the other hand, finished 0-4. 

Krejci accidently got in front of a Boychuk slapshot.

Ward played out of his freaking mind to complete the shutout to complete the absolutely awful night for the Bruins.

Bruins play Atlanta on Sunday. Hopefully they have their shit together by then. This poor effort thing is already getting old.



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