Caps Dive. Bruins Lose.


The Bruins showed up too late and lost too many faceoffs as they fell to the Crapitals. Games like this are frustrating. If the Bruins had showed up for even 10 minutes in the first two periods they would’ve won. And then to add insult to injury the Caps were diving left and right. How do they even look themselves in the mirror every day?


Thomas finally got to know how Rask feels. No help at all. Game should’ve been like 8-0 after the second but Thomas said no. Caps where laying down on the ice more than Thomas. Caps were diving so deep they saw fish.


After the jump… a recap brought to you by the Russian Olympic Diving team….



What We Liked:


– Oh, and the Bruins penalty kill.

What We Didn’t Like:

– Bruins effort. Rather, the complete lack of effort. Whatever. They’re still 7-3-0.

– Matt Hendricks. Anytime anyone breathes on Ovechkin he marches out and tries to fight them. Yeah, but it is cool when Ovechkin takes cheap shots and slew foots people. You suck Matt Hendricks. Oh, and learn how to read. Mark Stuart, who is number 45, hit Ovechkin not Adam McQuaid, who is number 54. You’re a joke.


– The Capitals diving.


What We Liked:

– Ummmm…. our friend Chris Sparrow came over.

– Thomas did his best to prevent his team from giving up an NHL record 78 second period goals. Score doesn’t tell the story. Thomas was still solid.

What We Didn’t Like:


– Caps diving.

– Seriously Bruins. Again, it wasn’t the loss that bothered us. It was the complete lack of effort through the first two periods. What is this, 2009-10 season?


What We Liked:


– What a period. At least the Bruins showed they have some heart. They ALMOST came back. Almost. But almost only counts in horse shoes and pleasuring a woman.

– Two power play goals. The Bruins did exactly what they needed to do to get back in the game. The Caps took two dumb penalties and the Bruins cashed in. At least they made the game exciting.

– Shawn Thornton scoring a goal. Not only did he draw a penalty that led to a Bruins goal but he scored one himself, proving once again why he’s the third greatest NHL player of all time.


– Indeed we did Lisa, indeed we did. Cops came to the door to respond to a noise complaint.

What We Didn’t Like:

– Win some faceoffs Bruins. The game winning goal, as well as an earlier goal, came directly off Capitals faceoff wins. Gross.

– Caps fans don’t know basic NHL rules. Here’s a tip… it is NOT a penalty every time one of your players gets touched. In fact, “checking” can be done by both teams. Don’t cheer Ovechkin when he cheapshots someone then boo when someone lays down a clean hit on your team and then yell at the refs for being stupid.


– Poor Rask. Comes in for Thomas, sees a few shots and then gets the loss. Guy can’t catch a break this season.

– Caps Diving.


Days of Y’Orr buddy said it best:


That really sums up the whole game. When the Bruins finally showed up they come oh so close to winning the game. But it was too little too late.

Then Days of Y’Orr favorite Mary Paoletti threw down a wicked burn.


B’s better come out angry tomorrow against the Blues and Halak.

Trade Thomas. Trade Rask. Trade everyone. <————- Sarcasm

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