Colin Campbell calls Marc Savard “little fake artist” aka shit is hitting the fan

Colin Campell's bais against Marc Savard

Shit, meet Fan; Fan, meet shit.

Tyler Dellow, of, uncovered some “fun” emails showing that NHL disciplinary czar Colin Campbell has just a bit of a grudge against Bruins center Marc Savard, calling him the “biggest faker going” and a “little fake artist.” Below is what can be found in Dellow’s post (which is up and down do to bandwidth issues — he’s getting a lot of traffic for this piece). Stress is ours:

A couple weeks later Mike Murphy or Mr. Walkom (it was not clear which) wrote to Mr. Campbell (and Mr. Walkom) that Mr. Warren had “missed high stick on [player] with 130 left in the game…..hard for a Ref to see….[general manager] will be whining’. Mr. Campbell replied:

To Stephen Walkom/Tor/NHL@NHL

A bend in the road is a dead end if you round the corner and Dean Warren is standing there. Your answer re: his high stick calls and the score of the game were horse shit. The 3rd call on [player] was while they were down 5 on 4 and on a def zone face off vs that little fake artist [player] I had him in [city] biggest faker going. And Warren fell for it when he grabbed his face on a face off. Your supposed to see the act, not call the embellishing act. Dean Warren has to go with [referee] There must be a way to get rid of this guy. Is there a way we can tract (sic) and total minors called by referees this year. We could then get the minors they call per game. … or with 2 [referees on the ice] it is impossible? Warren and [referee] out of [club’s] games. Give them to [referees].

There’s a few more emails and then…

Re [player]
Colin Campbell to Stephen Walkom, Mike Murphy
02/#/2007 09:21 AM

I know Murph and Kinger like [player] as a player but my view of him is this exactly…he puts his whining ahead of the game. I don’t think this is a regular occurrence (…..getting screwed) and …..exploded ………over the disallowed goal. He may be uncontrollable by ………….and…………… I think his frustration level has hit a high point. He hates officials as well. He is still pissed off at [referee] for a call he missed in the playoffs years ago as I remember him bugging Murph about it. Let’s give him Warren and [referee] than (sic) he will really have something to whine about.

Dellow is able to narrow down the game in question to the Bruins vs. Panthers on 2/24/07 when Colin’s son, Greg, got called for a high stick on Savard. Here’s video highlights from that game — not a good one for Boston. Fast forward to 1:50. Savard actually scores on the PP from the Campbell high sticking call. 

No wonder Colin was pissed.

These emails could easily blow up in Campbell’s face. We’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re a little wet in the pants for that idea.

First off: Colin’s not supposed to get involved with any incident regarding his son. These emails make it pretty clear that Colin is unable to do just that. He pushed for the firing of a ref because of a high stick call against his son. Lame sauce.

Secondly: Clearly, Colin isn’t one to forgive and forget. Question now is: Did Campbell’s bias against Savard come into play when Matt Cooke laid Savard out last spring?

Days of Y’Orr buddy, Joe Proulx of had a great idea for tonight’s Bruins-Devils tilt: 

Colin Campbell sucks balls

Do it.

That needs to happen tonight. We’re counting on you, Boston.

According to DJ Bean, Greg Campbell won’t be answering questions about his dad. He shouldn’t have to. Greg shouldn’t have to answer for his father’s crimes. We <3 Soupy. Let’s leave him be, people.

After the jump… Campbell knows a lot about faking it (photoshops), and what everyone else is saying about the Campbell/Savard email.

History of Colin Campbell’s and people faking it

Colin Campbell sees fakers everywhere. Catcher in the Rye was Colin’s favorite book growing up, planting the seed in his young mind that everyone in the world is faking it.
Catcher in the Rye
His inability to satisfy his wimenz has caused many to fake it in front of him, furthering his idea that the world is full of fakers.

NHL Colin Campbell Faking It
This season, while the rest of the NHL hoped that Pavelec was alright, Campbell simply huffed and called him out on his fake fainting episode.

But Colin’s lowest point was when he visited a cancer ward.


Around the Internets

Time to see what others are saying about this new NHL controversy:

Jess Connoly of Black & Gold blog, has fantastic analysis of the emails and the situation. Definitely check it out. A piece of his post:

Who is to say that Campbell wasn’t just exacting a little revenge — or wrongly assuming No. 91 was exaggerating — when Cooke’s hit forced Savard to depart Mellon Arena on a stretcher? 

Ty Anderson of

While all these claims bill Campbell as an executive who’s shown an incredible unwillingness to make calls that go in favor of the Bruins, these emails could ultimately alter the landscape of the future for the NHL’s head disciplinarian and ultimately create an aura around the Cooke-Savard incident that could help it become the modern-day NHL’s version of the JFK assassination.

Jo Yerdon of ProHockeyTalk:

Amusingly so, Colin Campbell comes off out of all this looking like a hockey parent out of control doing the sorts of things with his position of power that parents that run their kid’s pee-wee league do to make sure that their child always ends up on the all-star teams. After all, he ends up e-mailing the head of officiating to yell about his kid not getting a fair shake, one of the officials indicated in this whole situation has already lost his job (Dean Warren), and the discussion about Campbell having an extreme conflict of interest in having his job and a relative playing in the league can now no longer be pooh-poohed as not being possible since this is a professional league.

Joe also thinks Colin won’t keep his job much longer. We can only hope. Then he can go GM — a dream of his, also revealed in the emails.


If anything, this controversy is an argument for someone to dole out the NHL’s suspensions and fines that doesn’t have history with players or political ties with team managers. Someone who isn’t beholden to the players or the teams or maybe even to the NHL.

From the Republic of Twitter

Colin Campbell is trending in Boston (and Canada). Here are what some peeps are saying:

Colin Campbell Faker

That’s a fake Chiarelli twitter, btw
Colin Campbell tweets

We’re still not 100% sure what to make of this situation or what will happen. We’re pro-kicking out Colin but not sure if the NHL has the balls for it.

This isn’t just about Savard. That’s just one piece. The biggest news to come from all of this is written evidence that Campbell sucks at his job and should be removed. I mean sure, we all watch the games, watch shit go down and then watch Campbell do absolutely nothing and make a mockery of the NHL. But now with these emails… how can the NHL realistically keep him at his post?

Bettman is a huge idiot as well. We know that much. But is he really dumb enough to keep Campbell now? The Kharma Fairy has paid a little visit to the NHL. Campbell’s reluctantless to institute any sort of stable, consistent, coherent discipline policy has cost not just Marc Savard but many other NHL players. This is bigger than Bruins bias theories or Savard hate theories. There is now undisputable hard evidence that Campbell blows more than Lindsay Lohan on a Friday night.

Not that the NHL is known for being logical, but there really is no logical way for them to explain this away. Hopefully Campbell gets fired and the NHL takes a step towards respectability again. Campbell has disgraced the league and needs to go. Simple as that.

Thoughts, people? 


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