Days of Y’Orr wins Best Banner

Big thanks to everyone who voted for us in the 2010 Bloguin Awards. We won Best Banner, to which we can only take partial credit for. We came up with the basic concept, but the actual creation was done by Stephen S. of the PensBlog. He does fantastic work and our banner wouldn’t be as awesome if it weren’t for him.

Back in May we were using WordPress for our blog. This was the banner we had back then.


Then in July we got picked up by Bloguin to be the network’ second Bruins blog. Stephen S. made our new banner. This is what we sent him:

A tough looking Bear flying in the air Bobby Orr-style with the old Bruins logo in background http://cdn.nhl.com/bruins/images/upload/2007/06/logo_history.jpg (the ’24-’25 chest logo). The words “Days of Y’Orr” in a Bruins-esque font

Here’s what he made:

New DOY banner

Huge win. Hundreds of times better than what we had. So big thanks to Stephen for his talent and hard work here at Bloguin. It’s much appreciated.

And congrats to all the other blogs that won this year. Dear readers, if you haven’t yet, you should check out the other fine sports blogs on Bloguin.

2010 Bloguin Best Banner award


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