Dr. Love Lucic: No case he can’t cure

If you haven’t seen it yet, Boston.com asked Milan Lucic three questions about love to answer.

Milan Lucic dishes out love advice as Dr. love

We’re not sure who thought getting Lucic to dish out love advice was a good idea, but they’re probably fired (or being hired by Conan).

We’re also not sure how Lucic agreed to such an endeavor; his (former) agent? Maybe he lost a bet with Cam Neely? Who knows. Either way, these three videos happened. And they’ll live on in this blog and the Internet ’till the end of time.

After the jump… the videos and our take on Dr. Love Lucic…

These are actual questions from actual retarded human beings walking this planet.

You’ll never see a more uncomfortable man than Lucic answering these Qs — especially the one on marriage. He can feel the heat.

Who knew Lucic read He’s Just Not That Into You? Who knew Lucic actually read!?

Fine… he probably just saw the movie. Not that lets him off the hook at all.


Kidding. Really. He’d kick our ass for that.

We’re wondering who he’s glancing at every three seconds. Girlfriend? Chiarelli? Stuchuk and Thornton?

Also, we love how every video has some love stereotype. “I know it’s suppose to be the other way around and the guy call the girl”, “I know trust is really important for the girl”, “I know marriage is important for the girl.”

We love a good trainwreck. Thanks to Lucic, Boston.com and whoever else was involved for giving us three days worth of it.


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