Dumbass Bruins fans jump on the ice, almost lose pants

Dumb drunk Bruins fans jump glass at Boston Garden

Other than the three first-period goals against Washington and McQuaid’s fight, the only other item of note from the game were two moronic Bruins fans leaping over the glass and onto the ice — rumor has it was in hope of getting onto HBO’s 24/7, which the Caps are a part of.

Not sure if that’s true and it doesn’t matter. You gotta be a special class of retard to pull a stunt like that. 

“I was fairly impressed on how quick he got over that high glass, that was quite impressive. And then he almost made the landing too, which was equally as impressive,” said Thornton, (WHDH-TV)

One almost lost his pants (you’ll see later) and they sure as hell lost whatever shred of dignity that came with.

The two fans in question (Jonathan and Matthew Parker) are brothers from New Hampshire (things are making a bit more sense), are ages 17 and 20 (yep… pieces fitting together), and were under the influence of alcohol (A-ha!).

Of course, this isn’t the first time this year that the Bruins have had to deal with dumb drunk kids. We all remember the kung-fu kick chick.

After the jump… more reaction from Mr. Shawn Thornton and close up pics of the event…


Special thanks goes out to Eric/@BosBruinsFan for 1) being lucky enough to get good view of the drunks and 2) sending us his pics for us to use. You can check out all the pics Eric caught at our Picasa folder “Board Jumpers” but here’s a sampling:

NH brothers ordered to stay away from TD Garden

Bruins fans face penalty for rush onto the ice

Bruins fans jump on ice at Boston Garden

Drunk fans jump on ice at Bruins game

Jonathan Parker, 20, and Matthew Parker, 17, of Bow, N.H., scaled the boards and got onto the ice at the TD GardenNice undies, douche.

Young Bruins fans jump on ice

They’re really lucky they didn’t get seriously injured. –Thornton

He’s right. They could’ve ended up like this asshole.

That’s a hit.

Seriously, do other Boston teams have to put up with this level of stupidity? Are Sox fans leaping off the Green Monster? Are Pats fans trying to steal the Patriots rifles? Are Celtics fans trying to bend the Dance Squad girls over?

Or is it just Bruins games that have this level of inbred show up. Between these two tools, the guy in 306 who wanted to start a wave (really, dude?) and the jackass from last night who tried starting a “Yankees Suck!” chant, we’re getting annoyed by this new wave of Bruins fans.

Maybe the Bs struggles will weed them out. Probably not.

From WHDH’s article:

(The brothers) been charged with disturbing a public assembly, and their leap onto the ice will likely be the last time they’ll be allowed to step foot anywhere inside the TD Garden.

Congrats, kiddos. Hope it was worth the criminal record.

And to add salt to the wound we want to slap them with the following. Yay or nay? We’ll let you all decide.

We haven’t handed one of these out since Paul Nardizzi’s rant on Marc Savard this past spring.


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