Fans Who Cried Controversy: A Goalie Story

Once upon a time the Boston Bruins had two good… nay, great goalies. Yeah we said great. Suck it.


One was older and more experienced. He had a trophy case that included a Vezina. The other was an up and coming young lad, obtained from a team so mismanaged in the past that their fans are parading through the streets after a four game winning streak.


Legend said that the two would combine to form one of, if not the greatest goalie tandems in all the land. Youth and experience were to join forces and wreak havoc in the land of the Eastern Conference.


But then one day a dark cloud formed over the land of Bostonia as fans began to create a giant something out of nothing…….

You see, during the Bruins 2009-10 adventure the older, and experienced goalie had some injury issues and was unseated at the round table by the young hungry, gentleman with a funny accent.

The town of Bostonia had levied heavy taxes and given the older goalie a $20 million dollar contract after his Vezina winning campaign as fans threatened to riot in the streets and not tend to the fields if he was not re-signed. He was a fan favorite, a town hero. A legend in the making.


But as the young goalie from the land of Tuukkamania slowly took over during a dreadful 2009-10 campaign, those same fans began to dislike their former champion. They took to the streets with pitchforks and torches, exclaiming that he was simply too big of a burden and must be cast out of town to live on his own, and to never be heard from again.


After the jump, our story continues….

The young, brash Fin from Tuukkamania took the town by storm, and defeated all competitors in the league by posting a sub 2.00 goals against average. “Curse ye Timothy, son of Thomas!” the town cried! “Thou art more useless than a toothbrush to an Englishman!”

As the Great Tournament of Stanley began in the land of the Eastern Conference, the Bruins maimed and pillaged the citizens of Buffalo as their own young champion Ryan the Miller was not enough to stop the blood lust of Sir Boychukalot and his faithful riders. On the back of the young Fin, the Bruins soon met the Flyers of Filthadelphia.


The dear Bruins came within inches of crushing the life out of the Flyers… but then… Sir Krejci fell in a duel with Town Cryer Mike Richards, and the weight of the Bruins endeavor was too much for the slender Fin to bear. He and the Bruins went from sure victory to agonizing defeat.


The towns people of Bostonia were quite unsure what to think. Past squires with promise such as Andrew Ray of Crofts and Hannu Lord of Toi-vonen guarded the Bruins with great displays of power but soon became mere mortals. Was the same happening to the Fin?

Timothy, son of Thomas, was quite eager to once again prove the towns people wrong. He trained all summer and had his injured hip repaired by a great Wizard!


He also visited the blacksmith and got new armor. “White,” he saidith. “All white.”


The town’s champion was once again ready for battle.

One day, the King of the Bruins decided his knights needed a vacation and sent them to a far and distant land — Prague. When the Bruins got there, they discovered some poor desert dogs roaming the streets, eating scraps, and engaged them in battle. The Fin was sent out first to repel the first wave of the dogs’ attack. Unfortunately for him, his squad did not follow him into battle. He was constantly left to defend for himself, and despite his best efforts was soundly defeated.


The Bruins retreated with their tails between their legs. Baron Julien De Claude decided Rask should not have to face two waves of attack in a row and sent out Timothy, Son of Thomas, to engage the enemy. Timothy decimated the enemy, leaving none standing. He looked hungry for battle, ready to annihilate all that oppose him.


After his impressive performance against the feral desert dogs, Julien De Claude sent Timothy, son of Thomas, to fend off the invasion of the Devils. The Bruins swarmed the Devils in front of Timothy and they soundly sacked New Jersey. Timothy, son of Thomas, looked unstoppable.

And thus the clouds began to form in the land of Bruins…. after just one start, had the Fin shown last year was simply a mirage? Had Timothy, Son of Thomas, already out dueled his young apprentice?!

Clearly the Bruins were just showcasing Timothy to other counties in hopes they would pay a sizeable ransom to get him to defend their forts. Or had those in the kingdom of the Bruins already given up on the young Fin?! Certainly there was controversy in this fantasy land, and the people were torn asunder with confusion and angst! What would become of their sometimes beloved, sometimes loathed for no reason goaltenders?!

The townspeople gathered in town square, discussing ridiculous bartering opportunities that involved sending the Fin and barrels of their finest mead to the land of flightless birds for Malkin the Impaler. Neighboring towns could not believe the stupidity of such propositions brought forth by the people of Bostonia.

Representatives from the fabled Goalie Guild tried to reason with the people, using foreign concepts like reason and logic!


But their pleas fell on deaf ears. The townspeople of Bostonia would not listen to reason or logic, not even from the experts from the heralded Goalie Guild. “The Fin has better technique! Trade Timothy!” some cried. Again, the representatives from the Goalie Guild tried to reason…


But the townspeople still would not listen. Some began to suggest the Fin and Timothy, Son of Thomas battle to the death. This “controversy” needs to be resolved they said….

Story time is over. Why don’t all those complaining come back to reality now. Thomas and Rask are the best goaltending duo in the league.

The Bruins hung Rask out to dry in the first game overseas. Look at how many breakaways he stopped in that game. The team in front of him gave him no chance and then everyone jumped all over him and many gave up on him already. If Thomas had played that game and the defense bailed like that there would riots outside the TD Garden demanding he be on the next flight out of town.

Then Thomas started game two and caught fire. You should never doubt a motivated Tim Thomas. Then he started against the Devils and was stellar once again. Then fans got all up in arms when it was announced Thomas was starting against the Capitals.

Then fans started throwing around the controversy word and tossing around incredibly idiotic trade proposals for both Rask and Thomas. What happens when Thomas inevitably has a bad game, as all goalies do? You tossing him back under the bus and proclaiming Rask as savior again? What if Rask comes out and gets a shutout his next game? Should the Bruins trade Thomas that day?!?! Who should be the starter?!?

Once again the Goalie Guild answered that question best:


(Note: You should really check out the Goalie Guild’s post on Tim Thomas. Great stuff as usual.)

There’s no need to print those Team Thomas and Team Tuukka shirts.

The Bruins do not have a goaltending controversy, they have a goaltending tandem. A dynamic duo.


The Bruins are simply doing the smart thing…. ride Thomas while he’s hot. The Caps are an offensive powerhouse. Do you want to start a cold Tuukka Rask or a hot Tim Thomas against the Capitals? Honestly, why complain about this situation?

There are question marks on the Bruins roster. Is the D solid enough? Is there enough offense behind the first line to consistently keep the team in games?

The one place the Bruins absolutely have no question marks is in goal. The coaching staff can roll Rask or Thomas on any given night and know they have a fantastic chance to win. So instead of coming up with crazy theories about the Bruins showcasing  Thomas for trades or Rask already being a bust why not just enjoy the fact that the Bruins are in a situation that 29 other teams would die to have?

The Bruins two headed goalie monster is one of the big reasons the Bruins will be able to hang with teams like Washington and Pittsburgh in the Eastern Conference.


Quit your belly aching and just enjoy it already. Neither goalie should go anywhere. We’re hoping for a Thomas/Fernandez situation where they basically just split starts. When one of them hits a groove, ride him until it stops. But the Bruins could not possibly have a better situation in net so please stop complaining and just watch the magic happen.


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