Free Agency Day!

Free Agency Day begins. Also amused that it falls on Canada Day. Not surprised. Just amused.

Half the Days of Y’Orr staff took the day off from work for this. Bruins aren’t expected to be very active in the free agency market this year. Cap is tight. That’s why there’s been “Trade Thomas” and “Trade Savard” rumors running around galore.

If anything, the Bruins might make a trade or two to improve the roster. That might not happen until more free agents go off the market. We’d love to see Ference, Ryder and Sturm shipped off, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Our friends over at The Pensblog are hosting a live chat in celebration of this happy occasion. We’ll be participating during the day. There’ll be representatives from different NHL team blogs. Join in the fun.

Keep checking back here for our takes on any moves, non-moves, trades, etc. the Bruins make. We won’t break the news. We’ll just ridicule it into a pool of sorrow. Happy Free Agency Day!


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