Game Day: Bruins vs. Crapitals

Remember, remember, the fifth of November; the gunpowder treason and plot…

Yea, it has nothing to do with hockey. We’re just history dorks over here at DOY HQ.

Bruins take on the Washington Crapitals once again. Last time we saw the Crapitals, the Bruins defeated them in the home-and-home games, including what should’ve been a home opener shutout for Mr. Tim Thomas who decided he felt bad for Washington and gave them a free goal — boost their morale or something.

Thomas continues to defy expectations and physics with his play of late. He’s hot, like real hot, and the Bruins are enjoying every minute of it.

Bruins are responsible for half of Washington’s losses so far this season.

Not much else to say to preview the game. We’re wondering how long it’ll be before Oviechicken slew foots someone in the corner out of pure frustration.

Lucic talked about the team growing mustaches for Movember.

Haggs is reporting Looch is going with the Burt Reynolds ‘stache. Surprisingly, it looks good on him.


We’re really excited about it. It’s like a mini playoff beard. And anything that continues to unite the team is a bonus.

After the jump… projected line-up, fun game day links and more hockey video for your viewing pleasure… not ribbed, though… sorry…

Projected Line-Up (per

Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Nathan Horton
Jordan Caron-Patrice Bergeron-Mark Recchi
Blake Wheeler-Tyler Seguin-Michael Ryder
Brad Marchand-Gregory Campbell-Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara-Andrew Ference
Mark Stuart-Dennis Seidenberg
Matt Hunwick-Adam McQuaid

Tim Thomas
Tuukka Rask

Game Day Links:

  • Help Christie Jenkins earn enough money to start a sled hockey team for disabled youths and adults. Props to Joe Proulx of Backyard Hockey for brining this to our attention. What a great cause.
  • Blogapalooza is tomorrow at the Baseball Tavern in Boston (near Fenway Park). A few of us will be in attendance (if not all). Our very own Jon Fucile will be paneling the Bruins/NHL/Hockey panel in the afternoon. Feel free to ask him silly questions and try to stump him. Free hug to whoever does.
  • Marchand has looked fantastic on the fourth line for the Bruins, lately, even getting a few scoring chances and (finally) putting one in the net. He’s gritty and an agitator with out being a little bitch about it. Therefor, we love him.
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder debates whether now is the time to trade Thomas, also entitled “In Which the Author Continues to Ignore Thomas’s NMC.” Beside this, however, we <3 SCoC.
  • Tired of the Bruins goal celebration music? You’re not the only one. Black and Gold blog thinks “Kernkaft 400” is dull and old hat. We agree, though we’re not sure about the list Jesse has compiled, but it brings up an interesting discussion of alternative music for the Bs. We’re fans of DKM here at DOY but we’re divided over the song “Time to Go” (despite us using that slogan on our game day previews). If the Bruins were to go DKM, it’d have to be their version of “Nutrocker/Nutty” we think. It is, after all, the unofficial theme song of the Bruins. Imagine this right after a Cusick’s “SCORE!”

OK fine, just download this MP3 and you’ll get the full experience of what we’re hoping for.

Game Day Video:

Time to Go!


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