Game Day: Bruins vs. Liberec

Mark Stuart, Patrice Berrgeron and Andrew Ference jump for joy


This preview is going to suck. We know zilch about HC Bili Tgri Liberec and since the game is at 1pm we have no time to read up on the team and pretend like we know what we’re talking about.

We wouldn’t want to insult you like that anyways.

Plus, we can’t reach Czech.

Good news is the Bruins game will be streamed live on NHL.com. Soooo if you’re not like us and are at home, or your boss rocks and doesn’t mind you watching the Bruins instead of working, congrats. The rest of us will go another day without being able to watch the Bruins play.

Fun little tid bit from KPD (for once):

Spotted outside the Coyotes dressing room at the O2: Ulf Samuelsson, riding a stationary bike. The Bruins locker room is right around a hallway’s corner from the bike location. But, too bad, Cam Neely was nowhere to be found. Might have made for an impromtu UFC beatdown.

Boston Bruins Liberec Tigers

Would’ve love to have seen The Bear in this photo instead.

We’ll be debuting the first Days of Y’Orr video later this week. Teaser: it’s a Bruins film noir.

After the jump, Game Day links and we wear no pants… what?

Today’s Roster:

At the time of this post being published there’s no news on potential lines for today’s game. Probably won’t be much different than in Belfast. Thomas is expected to start tonight, however.

The Bruins need to cut a few more players by 3pm tomorrow, but thanks to European rules, they’re able to suit up 20 skaters and 2 goalies instead of the NHL 18 skaters, 2 goalies. Bartkowski, McG and Schaefer will be the odd men out tonight.


Game Day Links:

  • Tuukka hates Twitter. Why? Because of all you people who have created accounts pretending to be him.*tsk tsk*
  • New Boych Meets World video is up on Boston.com. This is the greatest thing to happen since Thornton’s Vlog. “It’s kind of hard to understand the people. They don’t speak out language… but they kinda do.” We <3 you, Boychuk.
  • So You Think You Can Dance star Miroslav Satan signed with a team in Slovakia where his Slovakian Dance of Joy won’t be as novel since it’s how all the natives get down.
  • MrSarcasticFantastic on YouTube has a ton of video from the Bruins/Belfast game.

Wondertwin powers activate!

Game Day Video:

Time to Go!




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