Game Day: Bruins vs. Panthers — Pre-season

Thornton fights Panthers

Bruins take on the Florida Panthers tonight in Rochester, NY.

Wait… Really? Rochester? Are the Panthers so desperate for fans in the seats that they need to travel to their AHL affiliates club to get an audience for pre-season games?

From the Panthers official site

Guess so.

The Panthers official site said the team is going to go with a mostly veteran line-up tonight, meaning Bruins fans will finally get to see Wideman do something good for Boston for once.

Oh wait… no they won’t… because no one is airing the frikin’ game!

The damn Bruins rookies had over 11,000 and 14,000 fans in the Garden, but no TV stations think that the team can get good ratings in a Bs pre-season game? What a cocktease that Bruins Training Camp special NESN air was. What’s the point of such a special if the station isn’t going to air the pre-season games? So much for NESN being the Bruins flagship station.

No word if our old friend Bitz! Bitz! It’s a Byron Bitz! will suit up tonight, yet. Does the count as a vet?

Byron Bitz
We miss you!

After the jump, the Bruins roster and Game Day Links and video…

Bruins projected roster (from




We love Thornton on the second line. Awesome. We’re assuming Rask will get the night off to rest in favor of Schaefer, who’s mask is kick ass, by the way.

Unrelated to the game: New Bruins commercial in the works? Hell yes!

The Bear rocks
We don’t know what this guy did… but it probably wasn’t good.

Game Day Links

  • TSN’s 30 Teams in 30 Days feature hits Boston. Apparently Sabres, Kings, Coyotes, Red Wings, Canucks, Sharks, Devils, Caps, and Blackhawks are all better teams than Boston. Ahuh. Sure…. and what, no Penguins?
  • Caron is a beast. Kid’s everywhere. Hitting. Shooting. Protecting pucks on both ends. Julien is having a boner over the kid and with good reason. Sturmface can say good-bye to a roster spot once his knee heals. Out with the old and crippled; in with the young, new and healthy.
  • This tool think the Bruins are a mess until Savard comes back and the “mystery is solved”, and ’cause Bergy and Chara haven’t gotten contract extensions. Asshat.
  • HockeyBlogAdventures have a nice animated .GIF of Bergy’s shorty last night.


This is still the best Wideman video out there. We challenge you to find something better.

Time to go!


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