Game Day: Capitals vs. Bruins — Pre-Season

Ovechkin falls into boards; Greg Campbell laughs

Boston Bruins take on the Captials again tonight. Roster is looking more like what we should expect come start of the season. Stuart, Rask and Thornton are the only vets who wont be suiting up tonight (we’re not counting McQuaid yet). We’ll be there at the game in our usual Sec 306, Row 15. Come on over and say hello.

Again, NESN — the so-called “official station of the Boston Bruins” — won’t be airing the game. Luckily, the team itself loves the fans and will be streaming the game online. Live streaming starting at 7pm. There’s always the SportsHub 98.5. They’re good.

Big thanks to for somehow getting highlights of a game that wasn’t being aired in Boston and, from the tweets we saw, not in Washington either (though that may have changed at some point). We loved that the AHL Baby Bruins only lost by one point to the high offense of the Captials. That’s gotta be a confidence booster for the younger guys.

We were also amused/irritated by the “boarding” penalty called on Campbell. Here’s video from The penality is at about the 1:15 mark.

After the jump… we talk more about the crappy “boarding” call, Ovie sucks, tonight’s roster, Ovie sucks, Game Day links and more Ovie sucks…

Not sure what the ref saw, but it’s pretty obvious that Ovechkin tripped over his own feet and boarded himself headfirst into the wall. Then, being completely embarassed by his own folly and having the maturity level of a retarded Neanderthal, lashed out and slashed Campbell. Here’s a screencap of when Oviechicken started falling.

Ovechkin trips himself... toolbag

Campbell has two hands on his stick and isn’t on same X or Y axis of Ovie, so unless Campbell has some Jedi powers, he didn’t touch Ovechkin. Ovie is just a pussy.

Campbell got two minutes for “being near Ovechkin when he fucked up” and Ovechkin got two minutes for being a giant crybaby.

Mike Rucki, writer over at On Frozen Blog, thought Campbell should’ve gotten five minutes for boarding.

Ovechkin tool fan

Clearly he didn’t see the play with his head so far up Ovechkin’s ass.

Loved how, after the slash, Boychuck went over to Ovie for a quick chat and remind him what happened the last time they hung out.

Boychuk hits Ovechkin

Looking forward to tonight.

Tonight’s Roster:

As of this post, the lines haven’t been announced. but here’s who to expect in the sweaters. Thanks to Mark Mariono for this.

Fowards: Bergeron, Campbell, Caron, Horton, Krejci, Lucic, McGrattan, Paille, Recchi, Ryder, Seguin, Wheeler

Defensement: Bartkowski, Boychuk, Chara, Ference, Hunwick, Seidenberg

Goalies: Schaefer, Thomas (expected to start)

Game Day Links:

  • Hamill, Colborne and Kampfer were all sent down to Providence. We had high hopes for Hamill but he just can’t seem to make the jump from AHL to NHL… at least in Boston. Wouldn’t be shocked if the Bruins ship him out of town. But it sounds like more likely that Wheeler will be at center and Caron at wing. Bs still eyeing Seguin at center, too, so who knows. Only time will tell and no use speculating… yet it’s still fun.
  • Marchand continues to stay on coaches’ radars. He’s a pest and has been flying under fans radars but not coaches, obviously. He’s still with the big boy club.
  • Savard says he might start exercising soon and maybe join the team in Prague. We <3 you, Savard, but don’t rush it.
  • New Things Shawn Thornton says:

“Fooled ‘em again… two more years.” — Shawn Thornton, on his new contract


Time to Go!



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