Game Day Preview: Bruins vs “Cookes”


Before the season, the Days of Y’Orr staff was talking about games we weren’t looking forward to. Of course the first game against the Flyers came up. If you don’t know why you are probably on the wrong blog.

But the first game against the Penguins also came up. We are not looking forward to this at all. Why?


Hey, call us bad fans but we’re sick of the Cooke-Savard thing. At least the revenge aspect of it anyway. Yes, the hit was dirty. Yes, it sucks that Savard still isn’t on the ice and may never be the same player.

But those of you expecting Cooke to end up in a pool of his own blood on the ice are likely in for massive disappointment. The only thing anyone is going to talk about all day is the hit. Every channel that covers sports is going to show repeated clips of Savard going down. Like we need to keep seeing that.

Thornton fought Cooke in the “revenge” game anyway before the Bruins decided playing hockey was dumb and got dominated by the Penguins in their last meeting.

And then of course the same people, some the very same who bitch about fighting in hockey, will talk about all the different ways the Bruins should torture Cooke. Or murder him. Not sure if people are aware, but the NHL frowns upon on ice stabbings. Thats one of the reasons Happy Gilmore’s career never took off.

After the jump… some other tasty nuggets in Bruins-Penguins history…



If the Bruins spend all night going after Matt Cooke they are going to lose. It is simple as that. We know most fans want to see guys like Thornton and Lucic and Chara follow Cooke around and rough him up, but do you really want everyone following Cooke around trying to hurt him and focusing on Cooke all night while Crosby or Malkin roams around? That’s a sure fire way to get a loss.

One of the reasons Thornton likely won’t talk about it is because the NHL already has their eyes on the game and will likely warn both teams. But Thornton is probably also just sick of it.

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We’re not saying we’d hate it if Cooke got creamed coming across the neutral zone. If the Bruins have chances to deliver good, hard hits then by all means. In fact, we’d love it if Cooke got friendly with Mark Stuart’s shoulder. All we’re saying is that should not be the Bruins focus. Bruins should honor Savard with a win.

Lucic said it best (courtesy of

“Obviously it’s in the back of your mind, but I think most importantly we’re two teams that are tied at 15 points,” said Bruins forward Milan Lucic after Tuesday’s practice. “They’re .500 and I know they’re not happy about that. We expect a good, hard-fought game and we’re going to be prepared for whatever happens.

“It creates a bit of a rivalry between the two [teams],” added Lucic. “We definitely want to win that one for Savvy. I know he’s going to be watching that one closely.”


On the plus side, this should be a good, physical, intense hockey game. “Rivalry” games can be great entertainment.

Besides, the Cooke thing isn’t the first time the Bruins and Penguins have battled over an issue.

When the Penguins came into the league, they used a series of blue based jerseys until 1980. The Pirates and Steelers had just won titles and the floundering Penguins were looking for any way to get more fan support. So they switched to black and gold, and a court battle ensued.


Obviously the Bruins ultimately lost that argument.

And do you really need a history lesson for Cam-Ulf?


Bottom line… Bruins need a win tonight, not Matt Cooke’s head on a pike. Let it go Bruins fans.

Let’s move on…

Tonight is the Bruins first game without David Krejci in the line-up. Patrice Bergeron is moving on up to the first line, Wheeler is shifting to center and Daniel Paille is cracking the line-up at wing. Despite the Penguins struggles, this is not the ideal team to have to test your new lines on.

Crosby is Crosby. Kris Letang has been a big threat from the blueline for Pittsburgh this year. Malkin hasn’t been great but he could bust out at any time. One big advantage for the Bruins is that Pittsburgh’s powerplay, despite all their talent, has struggled mightily and Boston’s top ranked PK should have fun with that.

Pittsburgh ranks second in the league in fighting majors and first in hits. Even without the Cooke thing, this game was shaping up to be physical.

Jamie Arniel has been recalled as Ryder may be injured as well. He left practice early due to some discomfort. No word on whether or not it was injury related or poop related.

Projected Lineup:

Milan Lucic-Patrice Bergeron-Nathan Horton Mark Recchi-Blake Wheeler-Jordan Caron Brad Marchand-Greg Campbell-Shawn Thornton Danny Paille-Tyler Seguin-Michael Ryder Reserve forward: Jamie Arniel Zdeno Chara-Adam McQuaid Mark Stuart-Dennis Seidenberg Matt Hunwick-Andrew Ference Tim Thomas Tuukka Rask

Cooke-less Game Day Links:

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Game Day Video 1:

Crosby’s first career fight came against Boston… against Andrew Ference. Enjoy.


Game Day Video 2:

B’s came out on the losing end of this one, but it was a classic.


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