Game Day: The Bolts vs. Bruins — Can lightning strike twice for Thomas?

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Boston Bruins 12/2/10

We’re not apologizing for the headline pun. Tim Thomas rocked your face last night. Admit it.

What a stud. Looks like he’ll get the call again tonight as well.

If you missed it, we can’t do simple things like spelling.

TimThomasSnowAngelDuh… we spell gooooood.

Whatever. Thomas was a beast last night and we were too busy cleaning off our pants to worry about proofreading our Photoshops.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are in town. Last time these two teams met the Bruins showed up just in time to make sure they didn’t get shut out. Zeus Stamkos was smiting the Bs.



After the jump… we rag on KPD… wasn’t Paille supposed to be suspended?… projected roster (Savard returns?)… game day links… and you’re game day video…

KPD takes to stand up comedy… or something
We’re not saying KPD is a racist or anything but…

Our man Shinzawa was last seen demanding morning sushi from a Philly airport Burger King. Could be a very long wait. KPD, Boston.com

We kid, KPD. We’re sure you’re not a racist. But we do wish we had time to make a photoshop of Shinzawa at BK demanding sushi. Maybe next time.

Paille still not suspended
It’s been four days since Paille’s boarding call on Alexander Burmistrov that half of the world started shitting themselves over and, yea, still no suspension. Here’s the hit if you don’t remember:

Fans have gotten to the point where they think every hit or boarding penalty is a suspendable offense. Burmistrov turned at the last second and Paille had already moved into a hitting stride (lack of a better word). Boarding? Yes. Suspension worthy? Far from it.

Of course, the NHL might’ve let this one go by because they new Pie wouldn’t see any playing time for a while anyways.

Projected Roster:

As of this post there’s nothing released. It all really depends on if Savard is in the line-up or not. And if he is, no clue who would be the healthy scratch. Stay tuned though because we got video of Savard’s training montage that we’re going to share with you all later today.

Game Day Links:

It’s ’cause no one wants to be on the road when Heatley is in town.

What? Too soon?

Game Day Video:

Time to Go!


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