Game Recap: Bruins Get 5 Goals and Lose 4-3

No, the title of this article is not a typo, two of the Canadiens goals went off of Bruins players.

This game wasn’t just disappointing because of the loss, it was disappointing because Boston had a chance to beat their biggest rival and in doing so, take the lead in the Northeast Division.  Instead, they started out flatter than the can of soda that’s been rolling around on the bottom of my car floor for the past month.  The let down from this game is on par with that feeling you get when after the lights come on in a bar late at night and you realize you’ve been flirting with an uggo for the past hour.  It’s shameful, a waste of time, and you wish it never happened.

Outlandish and obscure comparisons aside, expectations for this game were high.  Everyone was expecting an epic goaltending duel:


But unfortunately, Thomas got the brunt of the work, facing 41 shots, and much better scoring chances than Price.

After the jump, we break it down



–  Fourth Line kicked things off and it didn’t take long for someone to run away from Thornton.  This time Lapierre is the guilty party.  He was next to the refs before Thornton’s gloves hit the ice.  We can’t help but imagine Thornton’s dismay.


– Lucic makes the worst play of the game just 1:04 into the period.  He turned the puck over to Cammellari, resulting in a breakaway.  Chara gets called for hooking and Cammellari scores on the penalty shot.  We’re still struggling to see the hook.

– After going down by a goal early in a big game, you’d think that Boston would come out like this:


Instead we got this:


– Ryder drew a Bruins power play, apparently sponsored by Nissan.  This is ironic because their power play has no drive.


– Bruins forget to play defense, leaving Thomas to fend for himself.  Lapierre with plenty of time and chances, gets a goal making it 2-0

– Wheeler manages to slow the bleeding a bit and scores, thanks mainly to a fantastic effort by Bergeron and Recchi

– After a nice display of bobbing and weaving, Marchand gets absolutely ruined by P.K Subban.  Campbell takes exception and gets a roughing penalty as a result.  It was nice to see some heart, would have been nicer if Ference didn’t knock Pacioretty’s centering pass into the damn net while on the PK.


– Period ended with the Habs up 3-1,  kinda hard to pin that on Thomas though.  The penalty shot call was bullshit and Montreal got 17 shots on him in that period


– Marchand came back, a collective sigh of relief is hear ’round Bruins nation.

– Speaking of Bruins Nation and sighing, the Bs didn’t get a shot on net until maybe 5 minutes into the period… Montreal had 7 by then.


– Savard and Seguin show more effort on one shift than most of team had so far in the game and are rewarded with a goal and assist respectively.  The primary assist came from Ference, who’s shot was tipped in by Savvy.

– Not long after, Bergeron and Recchi nearly tied it up on the next shift, damn you Price!

– Cammalleri and Krejci drop the gloves…no, you did not read that wrong.  Cammalleri got the take down, but Krejci got the better shots in and bloodied Cammalleri a bit

krejci fight 

It also should be noted that the video above is the NHL Network feed.  If you listen to the announcers, they call Krejci a tough guy at least twice during the fight.  Yeah..that right, apparently Krejci is our new enforcer….morons.

-Jack Edwards responded to the unlikely fight by saying: “Next thing you know Andrew Ference is going to score goal”.  Jack Edward is our new crazy best friend.

– Thomas nearly gave us all heart attacks by coming out to the top of the circles to prevent a 3 on 0 and passed the puck directly to a Canadiens player, thank you offsides.

No arguements here

– The Bruins go down by 2 again thanks to a bad bounce off Seidenberg’s skate, of course that wouldn’t have happened if the Bruins knew how to clear the puck out of their zone.

– The period ended with the Habs up 4-2.  Definitely a better period than the first, but that’s hardly complimentary


– The Bruins started out the period with 1:30 remaining on a power play carried over from the last period….and did nothing with it.

– Thomas is once again called on to come up big.  Don’t let the four goals against fool you, without Thomas, this game wouldn’t have even been close.  He managed to rob Plekanec on a breakaway chance.


– Subban went to the penalty box after tripping Savard.  Boston continues to not produce anything on their PP chances, but at least this one they generated some consistent pressure.

– Overall we can’t complaint about the pressure on Price this period (and in parts of the 2nd).  Unfortunately, the Bruins have that pesky habit of not trying for half a game causing them to have to come from behind more than a porn star.

– Good to see Boychuk still won’t let us down.  He managed to lay a fantastic hit on Pouliot.



– Lucic tips in Bergeron’s shot while on the power play with 4:50 remaining in the 3rd, to make the game 4-3, where it would remain.

– The rest of the game was a solid effort, and provided us fans with a glimmer of hope, but it was too little too late.  They blew this game in the first period.


Va te faire foutre vous Canadiens.  Don’t know French? Neither do we, look it up in Google Translator.  

Bruins come home and face the Capitals on Saturday, all of the DOY crew should be in attendance.  Until then, we’re going to watch this camel get punched to cheer us up:


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