Game Recap: Bruins Honor Schmidt With A Win


Well this is a good feeling.  Not only were we treated to an excellent tribute to a fantastic player/coach, but we got to see Phil Kessel lose.  Anyone who watched to Milt Schmidt ceremony would agree that it was a fitting tribute, and giving him the the chance to hoist his retired number was a great touch.

Moving on to the review, oh goaltender, my goaltender.  Timmy Thomas with his second shut out and fifth win in 5 games.  For those of you mathematically challenged,  he’s undefeated.  For any “TuukkaTime” Thomas haters who remain…yes Rask is the future, but for now Thomas is the present.  Deal with it!

Beautiful, isn’t it?

After the jump: What we liked and didn’t like


What We Liked:

– The offensive pressure.  The Bruins out-shot Toronto 11-8 and many of which good chances.

– Timmy Thomas, we never get sick of watching you scramble…Ok in all honesty our hearts skip several beats every time you make a save

– The power-play is finally clicking, Bergeron got us the first goal of the game to put the Bruins up 1-0

– The PK, solid as always

-Jack Edwards comparing faceoffs to sumo-wrestling.  Jack…you so craaaazy!


What We Didn’t Like:

Yeah, that’s about it


What We Liked:

– That Tyler Seguin fella.  He gave us a 2-0 lead, once again thanks Kessel! The fans shouldn’t boo you like they do!


– Again…the offense.  Bruins got 21 shots to the Leaf’s 12.

– Horton taking on Phaneuf and not just holding his own, but getting the win!  Good to see that he’s not just a pretty face.

Go Goomba!

-The 4th line, one of the best in the NHL

What We Didn’t Like:

– Horton getting the game misconduct, damn it refs! Phaneuf hit him from the ground first!

– Chara’s turnover to Phaneuf in the defensive zone.  Bad Chara!!


What We Liked

– 32-20 shots in favor of Boston, ’nuff said.

– Bruins had a solid defensive effort to hold the lead and get the win.

-And of course, Thomas getting his 2nd shutout

What We Didn’t Like:

– No Penalty on Seguin’s breakaway?? What the hell!?!

-McQuaid’s hooking penalty as well….What the hell!?!


– The Bruin’s inability to score on the empty net since letting Axelsson go.  For the love of god, Toronto pulled Gustavsson while Boston was in  the attacking zone!


Sure the grips may seem small and insignificant, well what do you expect.  Boston played well and won the game.  Best of all, Kessel was once again held to no points in Boston.


Go Bruins!

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