Game Recap: Bruins Win, Thomas Gets Shutout Number 4!


Thank you, thank you Bruins for showing that you have the capability to win at home; we were beginning to forget.  Boston wins and Thomas gets another shutout on Military Appreciation Night.  All good stuff!

Speaking of good stuff…this is one of the funnier things we’ve seen in a while:

Someone find these guys and buy them a beer!

This is going to have to be a fairly simple recap.  There really were not a whole lot of stand out plays during the game, but the few that there were came from Boston.  Thomas was stellar, the offense had some good shots at Brodeur, not much negative to say… but seeing as how we’re pessimists, we can still find a few things to nitpick about.

After the jump: What we liked and the nitpicking

What We Liked:

– Tim Thomas, who decided he wanted more work in the first minute of the game, came way out of his crease and made 3 or so saves on his way back in.  Missed it? Check out the first 15 seconds of this highlights video for some vintage Thomas:

– Good to see McQuaid getting more and more scrappy.  He dropped the gloves early with Pelley, slipped and fell almost immediately, and still managed to get up and continue.

– The pig-pile on Mair after he tried to check Chara out of the crease. 

– The Power Play.  1st time they got a lot of good chances.  Then Ryder scores on a 5 on 3

– Bruins out shot Jersey 10-7 

What We Didn’t Like:

– Paille once again, you fail to score on a breakaway


Keep studying, buddy; you’ll get there!

– Right before that 5 on 3, Bruins very nearly let up a shorthanded goal. Luckly, Thomas has his head on a swivel.


What We Liked:

– Horton taking advantage of the momentum from the first period and scoring early

– Stuart being a god damned beast

– Jack Edwards.  He compared Stuart’s checks to Hobbes tackling Calvin when he got home from school.  Hilarious!


– The PK, strong as usual

What We Didnt Like:

– The Bruins showed flashed of their 09-10 season Power Play, doing almost nothing on a 4 minute power play

– The play during the last few minutes of the period was overall pretty sloppy


What We Liked:

– Wheeler does his best to prove us all wrong and scores within the first 45 seconds of the period.


– Tim Thomas getting is 4th shutout in 10 games.  This is almost becoming pedestrian for him

What We Didn’t Like:

– The play in the defensive zone got sloppier as the period went on.  That could be costly if it becomes a pattern.

Game 1 of 4 done for this week, next game is on Wednesday where they look for some vengence against the Rangers.  Until then, remember that a vote for Thornton is a vote for Awesome!

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