Thrashers Defeat Bruins, No One In Georgia Notices


<Insert any given general comment about the Bruins lack of 60 minute effort here>

Really there is nothing left to say that hasn’t already been tweeted, facebooked, blogged, reported, or spoken about.  The Bruins gave a pitiful effort during the first period and were embarrassed in front of a crowd of at least 60 or 70 rednecks.


This is usually about the time we would start making references to last years team, trouble with that is that they were actually solid defensively.  There are only so many times we can photoshop Rask crying, so instead lets lighten the mood and play a game called: “Who Does Craig Ramsay Most Resemble”?

Captain Picard:

Lex Luthor:

Dr. Evil:

The Six Flags Dancing Guy:

After the jump, we actually talk about the game.



– Chara set the pace for the period by taking a delay of game penalty within the first minute of play.  The Bruins PK did a good job killing it off, but it didn’t matter.  Worst part about it was that Jack and Brick had just gotten done talking about how he needed to come up big in this game.

– The Bruins forgot that it’s generally a good idea to defend the slot and Evander Kane deflected a puck past Rask.

– Byfuglien and Slater got goal of their own to give the Thrashers a 3-0 lead to end the first period.

– Only good thing about this period is that there is we were able to tell ourselves that there was still plenty of time left for the Bruins to catch up.  Otherwise there is only one way to describe this period:




– Hunwick, you damned fool!! I appreciate the effort, but you’re not good to us dead! Props do need to go to Hunwick though for taking on a heavy hitter like Kane for just his 2nd fighting major.  Someone needed to do it.


– Thornton, not to be outdone, took on Boulton soon after and faired much better.

– We’re still not used to Wheeler scoring, but he managed to get the Bruins’ lone goal.  Funny that he starts showing effort once Savard’s return get’s closer.

– Boychuk shoots rockets according to Jack Edwards, and who are we to disagree? With that in mind, we have a new endorsement idea for him.


– A bit of bad luck/timing resulting in a boarding call on Paille, and subsequently a roughing call on Thornton when coming to his defense.  This ultimately resulted in a PP goal for Bergfors.

-Overall a much better effort, but sadly some great goaltending by Pavelec and bad luck for Boston means that the Bs remain down by 3.


– Really not much to say, Bruins did get their chances, but Pavelec stopped them all.

– The Bruins Power Play is without a doubt their biggest weakness, they went 0 of 4 today including a 4 on 3 where they recorded no shots.


This wasn’t just a case of Boston getting outplayed by a better team, they beat themselves in the first period.  It’s games like this that make us want to drink ourselves in sweet lovely oblivion.  The next game is on Wednesday against Philly, so we’ll just have to see what happens then.  If playing against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs doesn’t light a fire under their ass, then the Bs are in trouble.

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