Game Recap: Ducks Fly Together, Bruins Do Not

Game 31: Bruins vs. Ducks 12/20/10

The best part about tonight’s games was getting our Rene Rancournaments, plain and simple.  That was the one ray of light in an otherwise dark day.  For weeks we’ve talked about a lack of heart, lack of 60 minute effort, and a overall inconsistent style of play.  As a result, the Bruins have now gone 100 game minutes without a goal.

The Bruins did manage to out shoot the Ducks 45-25, with those numbers, the game should have looked something like this:

duck hunt

However, now that god damned dog is laughing at us

This is the second time in a row that the Bruins have been soundly defeated by the Ducks, but I guess that’s to be expected when you face the “Minnesota Miracle Man” Gordan Bombay.  The team has certainly come a long way from their past as District 5.

After the jump, more Mighty Ducks jokes.



– Early on, Krejci pulls a Luis Mendoza and has a hard time hitting the breaks, causing him to run into Goldberg Hiller, causing the Bruins to go on an early PK.  Thankfully, they were able to kill it off.

– Poor play in their defensive end cause Germaine McMillan to sneak a puck past Thomas off of Sbisa’s rebound, giving the Ducks their first goal of the game.


– To give Boston at least some credit, they did have some good play in the neutral zone.  To take that same credit away, they did absolutely nothing with it.

– It was about 11 minutes and 10 seconds into the period before Boston was able to record their second shot on net.  At that point the Ducks only had 5, but that’s still over 30 minutes of game time (between the last two games) with just 4 shots.  Hiller was able to let his mind wander a bit.


– Paille still can’t shoot, but we should be used to that by now.

– The Bruins ended up out-shooting the Ducks this period 9-7, most of which occurred in the last 3 minutes.  Apparently the Bruins realized that shots are necessary to score about the time we realized that shots were necessary to watch this game.


– Early fight between Campbell and Portman Chipchura.  Hate to say it, but despite getting some shots in, Campbell lost pretty decisively


– For the next few minute the Bruins were on the attack, but again they had absolutely nothing to show for it.  Part of it was Goldberg Hiller being on his game, but most of the chances weren’t that threatening.

– The pressure came to an abrupt end when the Ducks charged down to the other end in their signature Flying V, Thomas was unable to read the play and Visnovsky scored…ok, maybe that’s not exactly what happened.

flying v

– A collective gasp was heard after Selanne boarded Kampfer.  If we’re being totally honest, it wasn’t intentional and Teemu rightfully only got 2 minutes.


– Yet another gasp was heard when Thomas let a weak puck squeak through him and almost in.  Bergeron was there to stop it in the goal line.

– Not long after the hit, Kampfer returns, no worse for the wear (that we can see at least).

Conway Getzlaf gets called on tripping, and we’re unfortunately subjected to another Bruins power play.

– The Ducks manage to get behind Boston’s defense while on the penalty kill and Adam Banks Corey Perry gets a shorthanded goal to make the game 3-0.  That would be the final score of the period and game.  Those Ducks…they may look like a rag-tag group of misfits, but damn they got heart!

mighty ducks


– You know, other than a few nice shots and passes by Seguin, not a whole lot happened this period.  Besides, the DOY crew was pissed by this point. Here are some videos instead:


Bruins are off until Thursday when they take on the Atlanta Thrashers, it feels weird to say, but the Bruins are going to need to bring a good effort.  Hopefully the Bruins can give us a win and some heart for Christmas.

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