Game Recap: Epic Comeback! Bruins Beat Pens 7-4

Apologies for the brevity and formatting of this post, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties.  We promise we’re not getting lazy!

Well, as of the second period, that was unexpected…

Oh and not only did Shawn Thornton got the the game winning goal, but he was also the number one star!


But really though, this was the best possible outcome for the Bruins.  Sure they let up 4 goals, but they also showed that they can be productive offensively without Krejci.  And to all they people hoping to see Cooke get his face destroyed tonight: isn’t it better to see a win than to see the “Cookie Monster” ruined in a fight???


After the jump: What we liked and didn’t like!

What We Liked:

-Two excellent fights in the first period, followed by one in the second.  First was Thornton vs Godard, then Campbell vs Talbot, then Finally Mcquad vs. Ashem.  All the fights were pretty evenly matched.

-Recchi scoring off his own rebound for the B’s first goal, which also happened to be on the power play!

-Marchand getting the next goal for the Bruins, that kid is a pleasure to watch.

-The Bruins actual had a presence in the front of the net! Now do that consistently!

-Horton scoring in the 3rd…then Chara scoring 15 seconds later to tie the game!

-Shawn “Enemy At The Gate” Thornton getting the game winner!!


-The whole 4th line’s effort.

-Wheeler scored? Not sure how to feel about that.  Well it couldn’t have happened without Recchi effort in digging the puch out of the corner.

- Bruins managed to get an empty net goal! We wish that wasn’t an achivement, but props to Looch for sealing the deal.

What We Didn’t Like:

-Again, all the damn times Cooke was mentioned over the course of the day (We promise, that’s the last time we mention it!).

-Sidney Crosby, mostly due to his stupid pouty lips.

-The Bruins letting up a goal in the first two minutes of play

-Campbell’s goal not counting, it was a solid effort.

-Lucic getting checking into the Pittsburgh bench. Come on!! I would expect that from someone like Wheeler, but not you!

-Stuart, we understand you want to score more, but goals on your own net don’t count.

Overall, the effort was good, Thomas was left out to dry a couple times which lead to some unnecessary goals by the Penguins.  Bruins don’t have much time to rest, Montreal comes to town tommorow!