Game Recap: Thank You Thomas and Recchi

It certainly says something about Tim Thomas’s endurance that he can come out and play as well as he did in back to back games.  We’re no goaltenders, but that seems like it would be hard enough to do with a defense that is playing well, nevermind the very average looking defensive play the Bruins have shown lately.  Trust us when we say that our girlfriends wish we had that kind of stamina.

We’ll do our best to keep out Thomas praising to a minimum, it’s just hard when he is consistently one of the best parts of these hockey games.  Tonight is another night that her showed us why he is the “Beast of the East”

This isn’t to say that there were no other bright spots.  Who would have thought that a line containing Wheeler and Ryder would be one of our better lines? Well as of right now it is.  It was also nice to see Kampfer get his first NHL goal and Savard get his 700 career point.

After the jump, we break it all down.




– Just 20 seconds into the game, Marchand gets a penalty, welcome back buddy! The penalty came as a result of Bergenheim foolishly pushing Thornton into the goalpost.  During the scrum, Bergenheim got a Cross Checking and Roughing penalty, putting the Bs on the Power Play.

– Just 28 seconds into the game, Ryder score on said power play putting Boston up 1-0

– According to VS, one of the Tools for Success for Tampa Bay is a  “Dan-Dy” effort…. Ouch


– Stamkos scores after McQuaid gets called on a high sticking penalty.  Thomas made the initial stop on Malone, but was on his back and couldn’t stop the rebound shot.

He plays for the Lightning, get it??

– Thomas made a great stop on Kubina who was all alone in front of the net.  Apparently the Bruins forgot that there were 5 people on the ice to cover

– Game goes to 4-4 after a Lucic penalty, and a tripping call on Stamkos 5 seconds later, ironically this was right after the announcers were talking about the importance of the Lightning playing 5 on 5 hockey.  It’s like Raaaiiiaaaann…..

– Recchi had a fantastic shot after a puck got loose in front of the net, but apparently Clarke is looking to take Ellis’s job #danellisproblems

– Entertaining period if you’re a fan of either team.  Good up and down action.


– Boston goes on the Power Play after Stamkos jumps off the bench too early and gets a Too Many Men penalty, not a whole lot happens with it.

– Fortunately, not long the failed power play Savard records his 700th NHL point on a assist on Kampfer’s first NHL goal to make the game 2-1.  Congratulations to both, now who gets the puck??

– Thomas made a fantastic initial and rebound save on Gagne, yes we know we use this image a lot, well, you’re going to see it again!


– Bergenheim once again narrowly avoids getting ruined after a hard hit on a Bruins player.

– Apparently the Lightning hate both power plays and Marchand.  Just seconds after Wheeler gets called for high sticking, Purcell gets called on holding Marchand.  At this point, 4 of the 6 penalties against Tampa have been on Marchand.

– Hey Bruins, when you keep giving your opponent’s top players chances, it’s going to swim up and bite you on the ass.  Lecavalier stormed into the Bs zone after neutral-zone turn over and scored on the wrap around.  Admittedly, Thomas did over commit.

Extra!! Extra!! Read all about it!!!


– Over this period was pretty similar to the first.  Could be better, but it could be a lot worse, especially since this was the second straight game.


– The fourth line once again gives us a reason to want to hug them.  Marchand scores and both Thornton and Campbell get assists

– Lucic gets an bullshit interference penalty on a good, timely hit on Tyrell.  On the plus side, I think the hit cause Tyrell to forget who is parents are.

– Stamkos shoots a puck on net, and Thomas makes the save.  The puck is loose in front of the net and remains untouched by 4 Bruins players who stand around dumbfounded until Malone skates in and causes Thomas to have to make another save.  

–  The next few minutes after that mostly consisted of the Lightning raining down a flurry of shots on Thomas while the Bruins reflect on their time spent in Disney World earlier that day.

Thats right, we’re recycling jokes from older recaps

– St. Louis finally does what we all saw coming and ties the game at 3-3, here is a little taste of what happened leading up to it:

And here is what happened after:

– Apparently it took losing the lead for the Bruins to decide to play in the third, some good pressure and chances, still nothing to show for it.

– We almost had a repeat of the Atlanta game back on the 23rd.  Stamkos gets called for boarding Campbell on a hit that was in all honesty clean. This resulted in roughing calls on both Bergenheim and Marchand, giving Boston a power play.  Definitely questionable, but you know what we’re not doing?


– Just as we were beginning to think that this would go into another overtime, that beautiful bastard Mark Recchi scored the game winner on a fantastic shot.


And there you have it.  Not the prettiest win, nor was it a full 60 minute effort, but a win is a win.  According to ESPN (as of right now) Dennis Seidenberg played so well that he is both the 2nd and 3rd star!

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