Game Recap: Triple Kill! Bruins Win Their 3rd Straight!

Yeah the happy bear above says it all.  Bruins beat Washington 3-1 to hand them their 2nd loss of the season, effectively shut Ovie down, and overall have another solid game.  The only way we could be happier is if Jack Edwards was announcing and Ovechkin got a season-ending injury (yeah we really don’t like him).  It was good to see strong efforts once again from both Marchand and Caron, also I think it may be finally safe to say that Thomas closed is gaping 5-hole from last season.

The night wasn’t all lollipops and rainbows though, the god-forsaken power play needs a lot of work…now.  They blew a couple 5 on 4s and an almost-full minute of 5 on 3.  Luckily their penalty kill is still strong…which essentially means that their special teams remains entirely unchanged from last season, whoopie….

After the jump, a period by period breakdown

What We Liked:
  • Good to see Campbell dropping the gloves and building energy early.  He didn’t get the take-down but got some good shots on Hendricks
  • Boychuk was awesome and made a great effort to beat out and icing call against the Bs
  • The score.  Thanks to a feed from Horton, Krejci  scored the game’s first goal.  The breakout started with a pass from Lucic.  Later in the period Lucic scored on a Boychuk rebound.  Period ended 2-0.
We hope to see plenty more of this
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Lindsay Soto, she’s annoying and not attractive enough to make up for it.
  • Ovechkin’s face!
  • The Bruins power play…enough said
What We Liked:
  • Well…they killed off that 5 on 3 man disadvantage…
What We Didn’t Like
  • Cambell and Stuart each getting tripping penalties that resulted the aforementioned 5 on 3
  • Marcus Johansson got Washington’s first, last, and only goal (in hindsight, i guess that’s a positive thing, but at the time it wasn’t)
  • Chara’s bullshit slashing penalty..go to hell refs!
  • The power play…STILL!
  • …Ovechkin’s face!
What We Liked:
  • The defense helped…but Thomas stood on his head once again.
  • Hunwick….scored?? Well we could get used to this.
  • Seeing Ovechkin’s goal taken away after he bitch-slapped the puck in the net
  • Lucic took on Erskine, both got some good hits in, but Looch got the take-down.
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Soupy getting that 4 minute double minor with 1:20 left in that game.  That could be costly if it becomes a pattern
  • Bergeron missing that open net, it’s times like that we miss Axelsson.
  • Once again, Ovechkin’s stupid face!
Home opener against the Crapitals on Thursday!!!

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