Habs Declare War, Neely Rules, Price Sucks and Boychuk Destroys!

Busy week if you’re a Bruins fan… kind of.

Mike Cammalleri has declared war on the Bruins. Cam Neely wins an award for being awesome. Carey Price re-signs with the Habs, virtually guaranteeing Montreal Playoff success. That was sarcasm by the way.

Mike Cammalleri decided to try to re-ignite the flames of the Bruins-Canadiens war by viciously whacking poor Tyler Seguin in the face!

Screw the Habs. Seriously.

“All accidental,” Seguin told the Toronto Sun. “It just got under my visor.”

Tyler’s just acting tough. You’ll get yours Cammalleri!

After the jump, Purrgeron gets revenge, Neely still winning awards, Johnny Boychuk is ready to destroy soulsand Carey Price is a total douche……..

So apparently Cammalleri and Seguin were training partners this offseason and Cammalleri took the opportunity to try to strike at the rival Bruins!

We imagine it went something like this:


Stupid Canadiens!

Once Patrice Purrgeron heard the news, he decided to teach Cammalleri a little lesson. We tried to stop him, but he’s too strong….

He’s been watching too much Dexter….

The sad part is there’s probably some fans out there that think this whole scenario is true. Oh well. People are crazy. Still, screw the Canadiens.

Staying with Habs news, they re-signed Carey Price to a two year deal.

What a freaking douche. Seriously. Look at him.

Price was rewarded after leading the Canadiens to surprise playoff wins over the Capitals and Penguins. Oh wait….

That was Halak. Who now plays for St. Louis. Sorry. Remember when Price had that one really good playoff series against the Bruins and Price was a national hero and people in Montreal made pictures like this:

Price could never grow a beard like this.

Now those fickle Habs fans make pictures like this:

This seems accurate.

Now Habs fans are back to treating Price as their savior. They ruined that kid. Oh well. Good for the Bruins. Halak led the Canadiens to the Conferene Finals. Price led them into… umm…. fans rioting because they hate Price? Maybe that is not fair. Let’s take a look at Carey Price’s career playoff stats:


Ouch. That is ugly. Such a shame. Montreal mentally damaged lil Price. We look forward to the B’s molesting him this season. Then again, he’d probably like that.

In Bruins news, Mr. Cam F’ing Neely will be one of four recipients of the 2010 Lester Patrick Trophy. The trophy is awarded for outstanding service to hockey in the U.S.You can still refer to him as Mr. President. Congrats to Mr. Neely on yet another well deserved award.

He looks glorious.

According to Joe Haggerty, Johnny Boychuk is on a rampage. Well, okay, maybe that’s just how we picture it.

Boychuk rules. So hard.

We love Johnny Boychuk here at Days of Y’Orr. Serious man crush. In our humble opinion he was Boston’s best defender in the playoffs. And now he’s mad. We picture him destroying everything, crazy with revenge on his mind. He’s going to check someone so hard they liquify. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

Northeast Division is screwed.

We’re noticing a theme with recent Bruins players’ quotes…. that loss stayed with them. Good. They have unfinished business. We’re confident they’ll rise to the occasion this season. It’s almost business time. October yet?

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