Hunwick Gone as Cap Moves Begin

Call it a message. Call it the start of a shake-up. Call it a cap clearing move (this is the most likely scenario).

Whatever it is, Matt Hunwick is now a member of the Colorado Avalanche in return for prospect and former Boston University defenseman Colby Cohen, who will report directly to the Providence Bruins.

The $1.45 million that GM Peter Chiarelli cleared by trading Hunwick is enough to move Marc Savard back into the line-up, with the trade an indication Savard is just about ready. 

We’re neutral on the trade. We’re not trying to cop out here, but we weren’t big Hunwick fans but we didn’t hate him either. He certainly hasn’t been impressive this year but had picked up his game a little recently.


A lot of Hunwick defenders immediately jumped in and threw around the “puck moving defenseman” tag and talked about how the Bruins were going to miss that. Not sure which games everyone has been watching this season, but Hunwick hasn’t exactly done a stellar job of that so far. Bruins have won nothing with Hunwick, so his loss isn’t exactly terrible. If the move was intended to send any sort of message, would’ve been better to trade one of many underperforming vets.

Hey whatever.

After the jump, we go to Twitter to see what the masses think of the Hunwick trade….



The Twitter crowd seemed a bit torn. Again, people were talking about that mythical Puck Moving Defenseman thing, but Hunwick isn’t someone who isn’t replaceable (based on what he has shown up to this point in his career). He’s still just 25 years old, but perhaps needed a change of scenery. Ah yes, the classic change of scenery.

Jack Edwards has already written a mini-tribute to Hunwick.

Anyone, here’s what the people’s Republic of Twitter had to say:













And by far the absolute dumbest Tweet of the night so far:


Yeah…. Hunwick and Bourque are certainly comparable. And now we’re going to go whip ourselves for typing that, despite the obvious sarcasm. As usual, our pal Mary Paoletti put this into perspective:


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