Smells Like Hockey in Here

The Boychuck approves of the new season

Today is like Christmas. Just had our first fantasy hockey draft of the season and the Bruins held practice.

In our eyes this mornng’s “Captain’s Practice” officially starts the 2010-2011 NHL season. About time. We were getting bored with all the “Are the Red Sox still in it or done?” banter on the Interwebs lately.

We’re celebrating the start of the new NHL season only way we know how. With Kool and the Gang.


Speaking of Johnny Boychuck, the leading picture was taken by’s Bish. We <3 Bish.

We’ve also been requested by’s Mary Paoletti for another batch of Johnny Boychuck facts. We can’t let her down. If you have any good ones, let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Email.


We stumbled across this site called Paper.Li this morning. You can basically turn hastags and your Twitter lists into an “online newspaper” format that updates every 24 hours. it shows tweets, stories, videos, photos, etc. It looks pretty interesting. We’re not sure exactly what to do with it yet, but we created two for you to gander.

The first, being Justin’s (me) “Bruins and Other NHL” list. You’ll find a great mix of main stream media and Boston Bruins bloggers on here, plus some of our favorite general NHL writers.

The second being a generic #Bruins hashtag one. Lot of the same content shows up. We figure this one might get dicier when college sports fans start ranting about UCLA.

Bookmark those and give them a try. Let us know what you think of them. Looks like a nice way to read what everyone’s posting on Twitter without having to sift through the random babble that can clutter Twitter. *shrugs*


As for the “Captain’s Practice,” it was closed to the general public. Something about rennovations and throngs of fans and pinkhats flooding the arena to catcha glimpse of Boychuck, Seguin, Lucic and whoever else the ladies are swooning over these days.

Look how intense Chara looks. He’s gonna choke a bitch.

We weren’t at the event, but some people were. Here are their stories for you to read.

It’s hockey season… get excited. We are.


Tim Thomas skates for the first time since his hip surgery

No coaches at practice, but Chara cracking the whip.

Horton excited about potentially (but very likely) seeing the playoffs for the first time.

Basically, you should just check out Matt Kalman’s Bruins Blog. He’s got a lot of good stuff going on over there today.



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