It’s Thomas Time, It’s Thomas Time. Bruins Win.

Let’s take you back real quick to the Bruins home opener last season:


That one hurt. Thornton’s early goal was disallowed for some stupid reason. The Bruins looked listless. Disinterested. Flash forward to this year’s season opener:


As Bruins fans, we’ve all waited 5 agonizing months for this…. to see the Bruins live at home. This year they didn’t disappointed. The TD Garden was rocking. The Bruins were beasts. They had their down moments but always recovered nicely. They welcomed the high powered Capitals and frustrated them. A 4-1 victory gave the Bruins a 4-1-0 record on the season.

After the jump… what we liked, what we didn’t like and some Ovechkin “highlights”…..

What We Liked Tonight:

– The Bruins powerplay. That’s right. Going into the game the Capitals somehow had the best penalty kill in the league. In fact, they had not given up a powerplay goal at all in this young season. Going into the game the Bruins powerplay was just 1 for 15. Tonight they rolled four forwards on the powerplay and scored on three of their four chances. Crazy. But good to see the PP clicking. Hopefully this continues.


– Boston’s perfect PK. Special teams dominated the Capitals tonight. Good to see the Bruins PK is just as good this year as it was last year.

– Tim F’ing Thomas. Love that he got the start tonight. No, we’re not taking sides in this stupid Tuukka vs Tim debate that shouldn’t even exist. We just thought it was nice he got the start and got a great ovation, especially after how most fans treated him last season. He made one huge mistake that resulted in a goal on his failed clear, but he still stopped 38 of 39 shots, many of his saves bringing the crowd to their feet. He made that shit look easy. At one point he was sitting on a couch making saves. Ridiculous.


– Jordan Caron is awesome. He got another goal tonight doing what he does best… going to the front of the net. Caron makes the crease his house. We love the way he plays. Keep it up Jordan!

We would like to take a break from the “What We Liked” portion of tonight’s post to show you some sweet Ovechkin highlights. Enjoy.

Here he is battling Zdeno Chara:


Here he is rallying his team after they were called for too many men on the ice:


In videogame news, Ovechkin also announced he will be the cover boy for EA Sport’s newest venture:


Now back to our regular scheduled program.

– Ryder scored on the powerplay and had a good night overall. It has only been five games but so far he looks to have found the motivation he lacked last season. Contract year motivation? Who knows.

– Lucic and Horton have points in all 5 Bruins games this season. They look fantastic.

– The most obnoxious Capitals fan ever apparently could not longer take the verbal taunts hurled at him from Sections 305 and 306 and he got up and left. Awesome.

– Basically there was a lot to like tonight. We could go on forever. It was just great to be at the TD Garden and see the Bruins get a win in their first real home game.

What We Didn’t Like:

– Stupid ass Steven Tyler. We’re still pissed Rene Rancourt didn’t get to do the anthem and Tyler butchered it. It was awful. Lowest point of the night without question.


– The crowd… for not joining us when we tried to start a “We Want Rene” chant. Shame on you.

– Ovechkin. He is incredibly talented and mostly fun to watch. But he’s such a douche. He cheap shots. He takes runs at people. He often refuses to help his team on defense. As talented as he is, he’s always just a giant idiot who can’t take what he dishes out. He loves to hit but if he gets hit he starts slashing people. Hopefully someone catches him one day and makes him pay for all his cheap shots. Capitals fans bitch and say Crosby dives all the time but Ovechkin is hands down the king of the dives. Hard to respect a player like that.

– Blake Wheeler had a rough game. Kind of seems like he’s trying too hard if that makes sense. Seems like he just needs to relax. The crowd certainly gave it to him tonight.

But for now lets just enjoy the Bruins four game win streak and hope they kick some Ranger ass Saturday.


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