Johnny Boychuk is taking names, dropping bodies

Johnny Boyhuk Scream

Johnny Boychuk is due for a goal. He’s currently goalless and only has three assists. He’s capable of much more offensively and he’s been launching rockets at opposing nets a lot lately. The offense will pick up for Johnny-B. We’re keeping the faith.

But, dear lord, has he been a physical beast on the ice — especially of late.

On Wednesday against the Filthadelpha Flyers, James Van Riemsdyk must’ve had a serious lapse in judgement as he tried to split Chara and Boychuk late in the game. This is an act of a desperate man… or Van Riemsdyk lost a bet at some point.


Then Thursday night against Tampa Bay, Mattias Ohlund decided to take on Ohlund. Boychuk dropped him like a hot kettle.

There’s no video of the incident that we can find, so we did an artist recreation of the event.

And last night, against the Leafs, Boychuk took a pass from Rex and just bulldozered over Francois Beauchemin.

What a stud. Add these to his hits on Matt Stajan and Matt Ellis.


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