Jonathan Quick is good. Bruins lose.


We were a bit surprised Rask didn’t get the start after his shutout. We wouldn’t want to be the Bruins coaches right now. How the hell do you decide which goalie to play? Still a great “problem” to have. Anyway.

Maybe we should get a movement going to have the Bruins play all their games on the road. They came out flat again and once again it cost them. When they did turn on the power Jonathan Quick was out of his mind. 

Boston won more faceoffs. They had more hits. They had more shots. 41 shots in fact. But Jonathan Quick was almost always there.


Tonight was a test of sorts for the Bruins. The Kings had struggled a bit the last couple games, but they are one of the NHL’s better teams. And when the Bruins felt like playing they did more than just hang with the Kings. But our dear Bruins need to learn that they can’t keep coming out flat and win games. It is a lesson they seem slow to learn.

It is encouraging in certain ways to see the Bruins only play half a game and still either win or come very close. Makes us see how good this team really can be. But it sucks that they hate playing 60 minutes. Maybe they should realize how good they could be.

After the jump, good to have Krejci and Boychuk back and Patrice Purrgeron interviews Ryan Smyth between periods…




– Rene f’ing Rancourt doing the anthem to start the game. Dear Bruins… fans HATE when anyone but Rene does the anthem. Not sure why this is a hard concept for you. Just give us Rene. You are in the entertainment business. Rene entertains the fans. Simple equation here. Have your people call our people and we’ll help you understand this.

– The fourth line (Boston’s real first line) was reunited. And it felt sooooooooo good.


– Less than a minute in there was a bad omen. Ryder hit a post off a great feed. LA took the puck the other way. First shot of the game for LA coming up. Brad Richardson shoots Thomas sav… wait what? Goal?! Well poop. LA up 1-0.

– Minutes later Recchi had a terrible turnover in the Boston zone. Looked like LA was about to go up by two goals but Thomas flashed the glove. What a stud.

– Krejci didn’t finish with any points but his presence made a difference. And he jumped right back into action. He was even seen blocking shots in the first. Go Krejci.

– Boston just seemed lazy through most of the first and Chara was a great example. Dustin Brown was entering the Boston zone and Chara just hit him in the face. Penalty. Luckily Boston’s penalty kill isn’t run by fakers.

– Mark Stuart started tossing bodies around. He’d make a great super villain. He hates everyone, loves to inflict pain and has complete disregard for the personal safety of his opponents. He could be a great Bond bad guy… except Stuart would actually kill Bond before revealing his master plan.


– LA puts a shot on Thomas. Save by Thomas. But the defense decided clearing rebounds was bad. Handzus pounced on it. 2-0. LA scored two goals on their first four shots. Ridiculous. 

– Jarret Stoll took a break from leaving his girlfriends at the alter to take a holding penalty. Fool. Bruins do nothing with the advantage.

– Dustin Brown gets a great shorthanded chance on the PK. This game was doing down hill quick. But Thomas was mad and told him no. Save. See you later Brown. Or as Brown would say, Ssssssssee you later.

– Bruins puck handling and passing sucks in the first. Looks like they hate pucks. Whatever.



– After the first period, our beat man Patrice Purrgeron caught up with Kings forward Ryan Smyth.


“Thanks guys! Mr. Smyth. The Kings hold a 2-0 lead, but I heard the waiter messed up your Grand Slam Breakfast this morning at Denny’s. How does that make you feel?”



– A little under three minutes in LA scores again when Stoll scores. 3-0 Kings. At this point they had scored 3 goals on 10 shots. Just not the Bruins night. 

– We didn’t see much of the second period to be honest. As soon as LA scored their third goal a small group of inbred idiots started chanting “Thomas sucks.” Our lawyer says we can’t say exactly what happened but the Bear is going to have to repair a wall this time. If you were one of those people booing Thomas, just don’t even come to games because you don’t know hockey. Go jump on the Celtics bandwagon or something. I heard they have room.

– Finally the Bruins start showing some life. Peppering Quick but he’s too damn good tonight.

– But then Seguin and Wheeler crack the Quick. Seguin fires on Quick after a give and go with Wheeler. Seguin’s shot is saved but Wheeler knocks home the rebound. 3-1 now.

– What happened next was fairly predictable given how this season has gone. The fourth line was on the ice. LA was getting called for a delayed penalty. Thomas went to the bench and the extra man took the ice. Thornton fired a great shot on net but Quick just got to it. But then Gregory Campbell banged home that rebound. Fourth line brings the Bruins within 1. 3-2 Kings.


– Stoll was buzzing around again soon after Boston’s goal. He thought he had the game tied. So did we. Great shot. But Thomas showed him what a real man is. Save. 

– Hunwick isn’t very strong on the puck. He’s getting tossed around out there tonight.

– Maybe we just didn’t notice last year or maybe he’s been working on it, but Lucic has one hell of a shot. Sweet jebus.


Our man Patrice Purrgeron caught up with Ryan Smyth again after the second.


“Ryan, I heard you lost a game of Mouse Trap to some second graders today. Your thoughts?”



– Boychuk decides he hates Wayne Simmonds and nails him. Boychuk had a strong game. Blocking shots. Getting shots on Quick and producing rebounds. Dominating bitches.

– Bruins almost tie it up when Seguin feeds Wheeler from Thornton’s office, but Quick made the save. Again. Jerk.

– Doughty told Seidenberg that Germans are a bunch of punk bitches. Seidenberg then stormed him like Poland.

– Wayne Simmonds was skating around the ice bragging about how awesome his spleen was and Hunwick got pissed and pushed Simmonds into the LA bench.


– LA’s Kyle Clifford gets called for a penalty. Big moment for the Bruins. The powerplay has been mud all night and the Bruins need to tie the game up.


– Campbell was down on the ice for a second right after the penalty. Fourth line once again had some great chances and Campbell looked upset he missed an opportunity.


– Wheeler had a strong game. On the powerplay he fired a good shot on Quick. Quick let up a rebound (noticing a pattern for B’s goals) and Bergeron bumped it past Quick to tie the game. B’s love playing from behind. Good thing they’re good at it I guess.

– Recchi got called for a penalty. B’s killed it. So pedestrian for them. But Recchi took a pass as soon as he got out of the box and entered the LA zone and got hammered. Lost his helmet. But he didn’t even care. Just kept going after the puck. What a warrior.


– Going to OT guys and gals. At least B’s are getting a point.

– Bruins got some good chances in OT but couldn’t beat Quick. At one point a ref got hit in the head. With the puck we think. He was down for a while and was real woozy when the other refs helped him to the bench. B’s fans gave him a standing ovation when he got back up. Classy stuff.

Then the shootout happened. Bruins thought it was a good idea to shoot right at Quick. 


– Another slow start by the Bruins cost them. They should really just start wearing their road jerseys at home. Maybe that will help. Bruins keep losing the majority of their games when they let up the first goal. And their comeback attempts keep falling short. Hopefully the players address this soon.

On a side note… Montreal generally sucks. But even we have to admit this was classy of them. They had a nice Pat Burns tribute tonight.


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