Just the Tip. Bruins Win.


For the second straight game, the Bruins couldn’t finish off a divisional opponent in regulation, but this time the Bruins came out on the winning end in a 3-2 overtime victory over Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres.

The Thomas vs Miller battle was as advertised, with both goalies making game saving stops several times. Bruins also put on a clinic about what NOT to do when making passes. The Bruins were allergic to passing for about 90% of the game. It was ridiculous.

The Bruins also loved missing the net. Boston loved sending pucks wide. They really, really LOVED sending pucks wide. They even missed a couple of wiiiiiiide open nets. But hey, every victory isn’t pretty. All that matters is the Bruins got a much needed two points after blowing a late lead and losing against Toronto.

In many ways this was a typical game for the Sabres. Miller was awesome. Patrick Kaleta was a wussy little coward. Vanek scored a big goal against the Bruins.

In many ways this was a typical game for the Bruins. Thomas was awesome, and kept his team in the game long enough for them to get going. Boychuk was stellar on defense. He just shuts people down all day long. Recchi showed again why the Bruins value him so much.


After the jump…. bad passing, lazy play, but a sweet sweet victory……



– Hecht and Boychuk battle for #55 supremacy to start the game. Boychuk obviously wins and the Bruins head up ice.

– Savard feeds Seguin with good pass, Seguin can’t settle it and probably wasn’t even expecting the pass. The two have chemistry though and once they get on the same page this relationship should be goooooooooooood. Savard is a professor.


– Bruins looking sloppy. Blind drop passes to no one. Just bad passing in general. They need to do that egg passing drill from the Mighty Ducks movie.

– Bruins couldn’t hit the net if you paid them so far. It is insane. Ray Bourque would be ashamed.

– Ryder, Savard, Seguin line producing good changes but then missing the net. Noticing a theme here.

– Thomas saves. Then saves again. Then gives up a rebound for fun. And saves.


– Tyler Ennis tries to fool Thomas with a sweet move but Thomas’ mama didn’t raise no fool.

– Pressure in Sabres end and Ference whips a slapshot at the net that hits Thornton in the arm. Thornton immediately goes to the locker room. Shit.

– Enough with the blind drop passes. You haven’t been good at these all season Bruins. Time to give it up.

– Savard certainly hasn’t lose his creativity. Can’t wait until he’s back to normal.

– Thornton comes back because he’s a hockey player. And awesome.

– Boychuk does some fantastic work along the boards in the Buffalo zone, but bad passes across the middle ruin Bruins chances.

– Bruins back in the offensive zone. Looch gets puck behind Buffalo net and skates towards the boards, fires on net… puck JUST crosses the line. 1-0 Bruins. Lucic was in and out so fast Miller didn’t even realize Looch wasn’t wearing a condom. Bruins snap Miller’s career high shutout streak.


– Boychuk sends Pominville to the ice on a clean hit. Steve Montador shows why he’s an idiot and attacks Boychuk. Boychuk spares his life. Boychuk is as merciful as he is badass.

– Montador ends up getting a roughly penalty as well and the Bruins go on the powerplay.

– Patrick Kaleta tries to go after the much smaller Brad Marchand, but ends up hitting his own teammate. You stay classy Kaleta.

– Bruins get a few good chances at the end of the period but Miller is there. Period ends 1-0 Bruins.


– Krejci feeds Lucic with a great pass and Lucic sees nothing but net… but can’t get the puck settled. No dice.

– We get word that Mark Stuart isn’t coming back. No idea what happened. Just know that sucks.

– Bruins get a lot of furious chances in the Buffalo crease but can’t get any sticks on the puck. Miller was way out of position too.

– Chara and Pominville look like they’re trying to be best friends, but then we realized their skates are stuck together. Weird moment. How does that even happen.


– Seguin goes to the box for high sticking. Bruins go on the PK.

– Vanek finds out the band Saves the Day was inspired by Tim Thomas as he robs Vanek. He was like the Grinch at Christmas.


– Bruins get shorthanded chance but Miller is good and their passing sucks. Something wrong with the ice?

– Bergeron steals the puck in the neutral zone and passes up to Recchi, but Recchi hits the post. Poor Recchi. Penalty killed. The Bergeron pooped on Miller.


– Horton has an open shot on an open net after Lucic does some sweet moves and Horton gets the puck, but Horton misses the net.

– At the other end, Chara has a horrible turnover right in the slot but Thomas says don’t worry big guy I got this.

– Boychuk blocks Ennis’ shot to remind him that Boychuk is king.

– Another terrible turnover in front of Thomas but Ference was laying down listening to the Earth and blocked the shot.

– Sabres and Bruin were battling in Bruins zone for awhile and you just got a bad feeling. Defense decides Buffalo needs a shot. Luke Adams ties it up for the Sabres. 1-1.

– Bruins battle back as Recchi charges into the Buffalo zone. The giant Tyler Myers gets the puck and Recchi goes after him. And Recchi gets the takedown! How embarrassing for you Myers. Recchi is a beast.


– Derek Roy gets a penalty for hooking Recchi. Powerplay sucked. No need to even discuss it.

– Bruins get some good chances near the end of the period but passing and finishing around the net appear to be foreign concepts tonight. B’s should get Rosetta Stone for passing so they can start to understand it.


– Bruins were stuck in their own zone for the first minute of the period. Looked bad. Thought Buffalo was going to score. With your mom.

– Bergeron tossed Kaleta into the net like the bitch he is and play was stopped.


– Despite being on the ice at various points with Thornton, Lucic or Chara, Kaleta keeps trying to start shit with Seidenberg. Not surprised.

– Thomas gives up a bad rebound but then makes roughly 37 additional saves. In a row.

– Bruins get pinned in their own zone. Getting that bad feeling again. B’s just running around disorganized.

– Then it happens. Vanek gets the puck behind the net and banks the puck in off Thomas. 2-1 Sabres.

– Kaleta gets a little too close to the Bruins net and Thomas punches him in the face. It was awesome.


– Lucic dumpes Ennis behind the Buffalo net and takes the puck to the front and shoots. The shot beats Miller but Buffalo players are quick to dive on the puck behind Miller.

– Lucic leaves the ice and heads to the lockerroom. Looks like a hand injury. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

– Bruins continue their horrible, horrible passing. Lucic comes back. Even breathes.


– Sabres hit a post as the Bruins  look like they have no fight. Come on guys.

– Bruins finally go down to Buffalo’s end but looks like the Sabres are going to clear. Boychuk goes all the way across the ice to backhand the puck and keep it in the zone. 

– Mike Weber gets the puck and passes out in front… to Horton. Horton buries Buffalo’s pass. Thanks buddy! 2-2.

– Weber must’ve watched Steve Montador highlights from the 2009 playoffs.

– Just for fun, here’s a video of Thornton beating up Montador…..

– Montador continues to prove why he sucks and takes a penalty. Why is he allowed to wear #4?

– Horton gets the puck in front again off another turnover, but hits post.

– Savard feeds Horton in front but Horton whiffs. Tough breaks for Horton.

– Powerplay looked great that time but Miller was just everywhere.

– Three Sabres attack Lucic after a whistle when he charges the net. Each of them gets face-washed and pushed back. Don’t piss off Lucic.

– Bruins trying to give the game away as the clock ticks down but Thomas saves their asses. Again and again.

– Lucic misses the net on a great chance as time expires. Damn.

Overtime. What what the overtime.

– The game seems over almost immediately when the Bruins leave Roy all alone in front for some stupid, stupid reason. But Thomas just doesn’t want to lose today.

– Savard gets high sticked in the face and goes down for a second. Scary moment while everyone in the crowd shits their pants, but he gets right back up. Bruins go on the power play.

– Ensuing power play, Seidenberg takes a slapshot from the point…. Recchi is in front and shows why its okay to try just the tip. Red light on. Game Over. Bruins win thanks to Old Man Recchi.


– Good win. B’s may not have deserved it, but they got it. See you Thursday Islanders.

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