Links: Season tix are in… Do you have yours?

Today’s Season Ticket Day for Bruins fans. Season Ticket Holders have been hawking the FedEx website, tracking every turn of the beloved package that holds their tickets. We’re still at our day jobs, so we’re not sure if our tix are waiting for us as impatiently as we’re waiting for them, but a few of our STH friends have received their packages and shared what they look like.

Boston Bruins 2010-2011 season tix
Thanks to our buddy Rupam Som for the photo

Not bad looking. Not bad at all.

We’re a little disappointed that there aren’t pictures of Boychuk killing people on the ice, but maybe they’re saving those images for the playoffs.

It’s been a slow Friday, so here are some links to kick off your weekend.

* Matt Kalman of the BruinsBlog is asking fans who should pair up with Zdeno Chara. You know who we voted for, and he’s currently in the lead. We’re going to need a good nickname if Chara and Boychuk team up. That’s a world of hurt for opposing teams. #boychukisabeast

* PuckDaddy posted a story about the craptastic fake team tattoo sleeves. We were talking about these ugly-ass things last night. They’d go great with the Ed Hardy-esque t-shirts in the Pro Shop. This reeks of Savard. Thanks to our friend Belle for the shirt-pic link. #snoozeyoulose

That’d be 17 hours ago from 4pm.

* Hockey Blog Adventures — a blog you should be reading when not reading us — has a great feature on the future of Tuukka Rask. They dug deep into his heritage and came out with some disturbing news for opposing teams. #tarrasque #D&D #bruinsmythos

* Things Shawn Thornton Says is the best website ever created in the history of mankind, dinosaurkind and the universe. A quasi-recent quote: “I had to apologize to him because we were pretty tight this year, and that’s obviously why he got moved.” — Thort on why Dennis Wideman got shipped to a retirement home in Florida for Horton.

* Our “favorite” Bruins reporter, Kevin Paul Dupont wrote a story on Tyler Seguin for You’ll find great passages like:

Tyler Seguin is here, with a pristine Bruins sweater, No. 19, set aside for the taking. All he has to do is reach for it, eagerly wrap his strong but adolescent arms around the black-and-gold fibers and slip it over his muscular, well-sculpted torso. Simple. Ready to wear. Such an easy fit. –KPD, practicing his erotica writing skills

* Lastly, Tom Brady’s Car Accident 911 Call video.


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