Lucic & Thornton to swing bats; Komisarek takes cover

He knew he was born for greatness.

Milan Lucic is hosting a “Rock & Jock Celebrity Softball” charity event this Thursday, because there’s nothing better than watching famous people struggle to hit a ball the size of a grapefruit. Unless you’re going up against Jennie Finch, you should be cranking those suckers all over the place. Never happens. Comedy galore.

Not that we could do any better…

But were morbidly curious to learn more about Lucic’s event, so we swung by the website ( First thing you’re greeted with is a right handed Milan Lucic shooting the puck (first reported by Puck Daddy and Mark M.).


This is what we call a Photoshop fail and why flipping an image with text is a bad idea — Photoshop 101 mo’fos! This is what also happens when you hire an intern to do your graphic design.

Good to see Lucic have more of an expression than Keanu Reeves though.

After the jump, we try to figure out who thought it was a good idea to give Lucic and Shawn “Wayne” Thornton a baseball bat.

Shawn Thornton and Lucic were at Fenway last night taking some batting practice and promoting the event. This begs the questions: Who thought it was a good idea to give those two bruisers a baseball bat.

Our version isn’t autographed. :(

There’s a reason why that poster was made and it’s not because Shawn Thornton is a snazzy dresser (he is). They might start off swining at baseballs, but can you imagine what’s going to happen to the first guy who throw it high and tight on Lucic or Thornton? Human pinata time.

At least Komisarek was smart enough to wear a biker’s helmet.

“I think it was Shawn’s first time swinging a bat in his life… at a ball.” –Milan Lucic, on NESN last night

We believe Lucic. We all remember what happened the last time Thornton had a bat in his hand around other athletes.

Too soon? It happened in 1994; get over it.


Now that we think of it, paying $10 to see Thornton and Lucic go Jose Offerman on some people sounds like a great way to spend a Thursday night. Count us in.

Here’s the full interview with Lucic and NESN, including funny clips of Thornton trying to swing. We love Thort.


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