Lucic celebrates Movember with Mustache Mayhem

Bruins and Movember

If you’an NHL fan, you’ve read (or at least heard) that Anaheim Duck bruiser George Parros has shaved off his beloved and infamous mustache in honor of Movember, a mustache growing charity event to raise money and awareness for men’s health (specifically their balls).

Not only has Parros lost the source of his power by shaving off his lip caterpillar, but he’s also started a movement among NHL players. Several Bruins are also…err.. riding the mustache (bandwagon) by growing some lip fur of their own, including Horton, Thornton and Lucic.

Rumor has it that Lucic is considering several types of mustaches to grow for Movember, and since the Days of Y’Orr staff are big fans of mustaches, we did a little “digging” to find out what Looch would look like in different ‘stach-styles.

After the jump, we look at the many mustaches of Milan Lucic…like you didn’t know this was coming…

Let’s just do this:


The Classic Bushy ‘Stache Lucic

Bushy Lucic Mustache


The Captain Jack Lucic
Captain Jack Lucic

The Fu Manchu Lucic
Fu Manchu Lucic

The Chaplin Lucic
Milan Lucic Chaplin mustache
We know what you’re thinking and no… it’s Chaplin

The Burt Reynolds Lucic
Lucic Burt Reynolds Bandit mustache

Magnum PI Lucic
Lucic Selleck

The Imperial Lucic
Imperial Mustache Lucic

The Van Dyke Lucic
Lucic Van Dyke mustache

The Salvidor Lucic
Salvidor mustache Milan Lucic

The Purrgeron Lucic
Milan Lucic Movemeber Purrgeron

The Carcillo Lucic
Carcillo mustache Lucic... vomit

The Super Mario Lucic
Super Mario Lucic

The Milk ‘Stache Lucic
Got Milk? Mustache Lucic

The Zorro Lucic
Zorro Lucic Movemeber

The Walrus Lucic
Walrus mustache Lucic

And lastly…

The Finger ‘Stache Lucic
Finger Mustache Lucic





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