Make the Right Choice: Vote Thornton

The All-Star game voting is already off and running today and much like past years is already completely ridiculous.

After seeing the NHL’s terrible list, the Days of Y’Orr staff was discussing players we’d like to see get in that probably won’t. ‘Cause, you know, the people voting only vote for the players they’ve seen in NHL commercials.

Then Days of Y’Orr Twitter pal Katie Shanahan (@bruins22) gave us an idea, an idea so obvious we don’t know why we didn’t start this sooner. It was like a bolt of lightning hit us in the tip of the… umm… nose to paraphrase Stepbrothers.

That is when our mission started. We have a goal for this season’s All-Star game. Add some toughness. Add some class. Add the NHL’s purest sniper.

Our goal? Get Shawn Thornton in the All-Star game.


How can we NOT try this? We don’t hide our love for Thornton here. He is the third greatest NHL player of all time. And just think about how awesome that story would be? Shawn Thornton is the heart of the Bruins. He is one guy you can point at and say he left it all on the ice every game. Thornton is also a solid human being. He entertains us every game. We need to repay him.

But that’s not all. You may have noticed another Bruins name mysteriously missing from the All-Star ballot. He’s a former videogame star and hates guys named Dion. He is also the Bruins MVP so far this season… behind Shawn Thornton.


We are talking about the one and only Nathan Horton. We want… no, we NEED to make this happen. And we ask for your help Bruins fans.

After the jump, we start the Thorts and Horts campaign on offense and ask for a vote for Stuchuk on the back-end…..

A vote for Shawn Thornton is a vote for fists, justice and the American Way.

Shawn “Wayne” Thornton is a pillar of the Boston community, the only player who stays in the Boston area the entire off-season. And unlike other NHL All-Star candidates that come from rich families and are out of touch with the people, Shawn Thornton is a working man.

He’s in touch with the common man and has never forgotten his roots in the working class!

Thornton is also a role model, often taking time out of his busy schedule of punching faces and scoring highlight reel goals to spend time with the children of the community.

He even visits sick kids in the hospital.

So on All-Star election day make the right choice. Vote Shawn Thornton All-Star game 2011.

If you don’t, you’ll have to deal with this:

Is that what you want?! We didn’t think so. Vote early. Vote often. Tell your friends, your family, your pets. Vote Thornton.

So how can you do your part: Go to the NHL voting page, scroll down and enter “Shawn Thornton” into the write-in section. Do it as often as you can. Tell people who don’t even watch hockey to do it.

Together we can make this happen.


For some insane reason Nathan Horton isn’t on the ballot either. Seriously. Go look at some of the names that are on there.

Jay Bouwmeester. Brian Campbell. An injured Markov. Khabibulin. MARK STREIT. Hasn’t even played a game this season. You suck NHL.

Those are just a few of the many iditoic choices on the ballot.

So again Bruins fans we need you to vote. Write-in for Nathan Horton. He deserves it. His importance to the Bruins offense is clearly evident. The fact that he wasn’t even intially nominated is an insult.



Sarah Connors of Something’s Bruin also recognized the grave injustice of these two stellar players not be nominated and has joined us in support of the movement.


And I know what you’re saying. You’re saying “Days of Y’Orr… that is great and all… but what about defense?”

We’ve got you covered there too.

Days of Y’Orr buddy Megan Sellitto Barbato started a campaign of her own, and we fully support it:


We know Boychuk has been hurt but he’s an All-Star in our hearts. And Mark Stuart is just a beast. Seriously. We saw him wrestle a giraffe to the ground the other day. It was awesome.

Voting is open. Get Thornton in the All-Star game!!! THORNTON THORNTON THORNTON!

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