Mark Stuart and Finger Injuries Go Hand-in-Hand

Mark Stuart can be a handy guy to have on defense.  He tries to single-handedly abuse the other team and handles a good portion of the physical game.  Unfortunately, Stuart won’t be stickhandling for the next 4-6 weeks after breaking his ring finger.  So as not to be shorthanded, Steven Kampfer, has been handpicked from Providence to replace him.  Kampfer was impressive during training camp and the rookie games, and offhand I can’t think of a better replacement.

Kampfer will have one “easy” game on Thursday against the Islanders to get acclimated.  After that, he’ll have his hands full with quality teams/rivals like the Flyers, Sabres, Canadiens, and Capitals.

Stuart is an old hand at these types of injuries, last year he had a hand infection (specifically his finger) during the end of season/part of the playoffs.  While these injuries can be a handful, the good news is that it’s an upper body injury, and he should be able to stay well conditioned during his recovery, so he shouldn’t be too handicapped when he eventually returns.

What can be done to keep him off the IR and on the ice manhandling the opposition? Well as usual, we have a few ideas of our own.

After the jump: A few alternate hands for Stuart.


The Wolverine Hand:


Not only could Stuart benfit from both indestructable adamantium bones, but those claws that are perfect for taking care of those pesky goons.

The Chainsaw Hand:


Also ideal for dealing with goons and pests, however holding on to the stick could prove difficult.  On the plus side, he’d be all set if he should ever find himself surrounded by legions of the undead.

The Robotic Prosthetic Hand:


Not sure how this one would work since the technology only existed a long time ago in a galaxy far away, but if it worked for a Jedi, it can work for Stuart.

The Cybernetic Hand:


No matter how many times you try to stop him…he’ll be back!


And there you have it, how many hand puns do you think were made during this post?  Only about 75% of what we had made it in to the final article.

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