Milbury and Thinking Don’t Go Together

Let’s get this out of the way first. We like Mike Milbury. He’s entertaining. Even when he’s wrong, as he so often is. But as much as we like him, he’s…. kind of an idiot.


Sometimes he’s that loveable idiot that is fun to laugh with and at. Sometimes he’s the type of idiot that makes you wonder if he was dropped on his head a lot as a child. Then you remember he used to actually be a hockey player and took a few hits and it all makes sense.

He’s had a few… gems, if you will over the years. We like that Milbury speaks his mind. Often times hockey players and analysts alike are boring. So its kind of fun when Milbury gets people all riled up. But… sometimes… he’s just so….. dumb.

“I didn’t go to Bob Costas broadcasting school. I grew up in the hockey world. I carry my passion on my sleeve and I’m not afraid to make a comment about somebody. When I think, for example, a guy is dogging it, I’ll let you know. I hope to go straight at it. I broadcast the way I played, obnoxiously.”

Ain’t that the truth.

After the jump, we explore some of Milbury’s for recent dumb quotes…..

Sometimes we feel like Milbury tries too hard to be edgy and controversial. He’s like that kid in high school that was always saying things just to disagree with everyone because he thought it made him cool, but really everyone was just laughing at him and his lame leather jacket.

You’ve probably heard his most recent remarks about Tyler Seguin. No, we’re not mad at him for making fun of Seguin. Obviously the jury is still out on Seguin. He could be a superstar. He could be a bust. He could be an average NHL player. Who knows. But that doesn’t make Milbury’s statement anyless idiotic.

Milbury was recently asked if he thought Seguin could be an impact player this season and replied with the following:

I’ll answer the question without having seen him enough: He’s not going to be an impact player this season. He’s not,” Milbury said. “Those players are very few and far between. I’d put big money that he’s not an impact player. Does he get 15-20 goals? Maybe. Thirty points, 50 points tops, but that’s not an impact player. And when Savard comes back — and I assume he will — he’ll have a tough time finding ice time.”

There are so many things wrong with a statement like this that we don’t even know where to begin.


First Milbury is starting his opinion by saying he hasn’t seen Seguin play enough. Then why comment Mike? Again, this seems like a case of Milbury having an opinion just to have an opinion, and saying things just to get people talking. As much as he sucked as a GM he’s apparently great at bringing attention to himself and any broadcast he’s on. People will tune in to see him say things. So good for him on that end.

But saying a player won’t be any good this season while at the same time saying you haven’t seen him is dumb. Really dumb.

Let’s continue…

So if Seguin was to score 20 goals and 50 points… that wouldn’t be an impact player? Contributing 20 goals and 50 points to a Bruins offense that was more impotent than your grandfather last season wouldn’t have an impact? Mike my man… just… stop.

And then there’s the issue of ice time when Savard gets back. Not really Mike, not really. The Bruins are rightfully being patient with Seguin and letting him slowly get acclimated. He’s seen a lot of time at center in the two regular season games so far. So if/when Savard comes back, obviously Seguin isn’t going to be higher on the center depth chart than Krejci, Bergeron and Savard. But you know whats interesting Mike? Seguin can also play wing, a position that is likely better for his early development.

So you know what the Bruins will do with Seguin Mike if/when Savard comes back? They’ll do a bit of lineup shuffling and stick him on the wing. Its really not that complicated Mr. Milbury.

And who knows. Maybe they sent Seguin back to juniors after nine games (not likely). Sometimes we just wish Mike would think before he talks. Based on evidence, we also know Mike doesn’t like prospects. If he was Pittsburgh’s GM, he probably would’ve traded Crosby to get Mike Peca again.


But no hard feelings Mike. We all say stupid things sometimes. You just say them more often than others. But hey… please keep giving Pierre McGuire crap on live broadcasts. It is f’ing hilarious and Pierre is awful. He’s certainly not an impact player on the broadcasts.

But Mike… and we apologize… now is the portion of the broadcast where we have to point out that perhaps you are not the type of person that should be judging talent.

In 1992 Milbury selected Darius Kasparaitis with the 5th overall pick. Four years later his traded Kasparaitis to the Penguins for Bryan Smolinski.

Milbury drafted Todd Bertuzzi 23rd overall and Bryan McCabe 40th overall in 1993, a decent haul of young talent with potential. Islanders fans thought highly of both and were hoping they would develop into good NHL players. They did… just not with the Islanders. Milbury traded them in 1998 in a deal that brought the Islanders a declining Trevor Linden.

But “Blockbuster” Milbury wasn’t done there. Oh no! In the 1996 draft Milbury drafted a guy you may know, Zdeno Chara, 56th overall. Chara was yet another Islanders draft pick that had potential and if the team was patient they would surely have a force on their blueline for years to come.

However, Milbury absolutely had to have Alexei Yashin. During the 2001 draft Milbury sent a package to the Senators that involved Chara and the second overall pick for Yashin. Some noteable and/or decent NHL players the Islanders could’ve picked with that second overall pick: Jason Spezza, Mikko Koivu, Ales Hemsky. Yeah obviously Milbury didn’t know how these guys would turn out at the time but… really Mike?

The Yashin situation is even more interesting. Here is another recent quote from Milbury, this time involving Zdeno Chara’s recent extension with the Bruins:

“I don’t like long-term contracts. It’s a heartbeat away. You never know what these contracts will do a player’s psyche. This is not baseball. It’s not like you might not get hurt. You’re going to get hurt. It’s just how seriously.”

Hmmm… that’s funny. Soon after Milbury traded for Yashin he signed him to a 10-year deal worth $87.5 million. Yashin’s played declined and the deal and contract would go down as some of the worst moves in the history of the NHL.

Then there’s the Islander’s classic goalie situation. In the 1997 draft Milbury drafted some dude named Roberto Luongo. Milbury was again impatient and publicly criticized Luongo during his the 1999-2000 season. At the 2000 draft, the Islanders selected Rick DiPietro and then traded Luongo and Olli Jokinen to the Panthers.

“Roberto Luongo is going to be an excellent goaltender in this league. He is a class act and a kid I know we would have been happy to ride with. But hell, I’ve gotta send him off.” ~ Mike Milbury

Milbury passed on Marian Gaborik and Dany Heatley to draft a goalie when he already had a great prospect. Wow. Good work Milbury.

The irony is thick in this video….

No idea why Islanders fans aren’t more upset with this guy. Maybe because they’ve just given up. At least they have a nice collection of young talent. Don’t worry Islanders fans… Milbury isn’t coming back.

We like you Mike… but you’re legacy in the NHL is going to be that of a terrible GM who once beat a guy with a shoe. So maybe you shouldn’t criticize current players or management decisions on any team, eh?

After scoring “only” one goal in two games, Milbury probably has Chiarelli on speed dial trying to get him to trade Seguin. For Yashin. This is just a small sampling of the mistakes Milbury made as a GM. Google search him. You’ll see all kinds of crazy, idiotic stuff.

Maybe Mike should just stick to talking about Eurotrash and making fun of Pierre. Let’s just hope the Bruins never give Mike a position involving anything that has to do with developing or managing players.

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