NESN Fail: Where’s My Bruins?

We don’t care about baseball here at Days of Y’Orr. Well, our boy Justin is a Sox fan. But he’s prouder to wear the black and gold. So maybe we’re a bit bias.

Regardless, NESN  is serving Bruins fans a grave injustice.

We’re season ticket holders at Days of Y’Orr. We’re not bragging, we’re just saying… we are fortunate enough to have nosebleeds for the home games. But like most of you, we’re addicted to the Bruins. We want to see every game. Obviously we can’t travel on the road with the Bruins, so we rely on NESN to show us the games.

The Bruins are the talk of the town. Not the Red Sox. Not the Celtics. Not the Patriots (well, other than all the idiots still bitching about the Jets loss more than a week later). The Bruins are on the rise.

The Red Sox have been done for awhile. A lot of fans even stopped showing up to the games. Last night the death blow was thankfully dished out to their slim playoff hopes so everyone can hope off that bandwagon and onto the Bruins.

But there’ still one problem…. NESN won’t show any of the pre-season games, home or away, on TV. Instead they air meaningless Red Sox games people don’t want to see over “meaningless” pre-season Bruins games that fans are hungry to see.

After the jump…. a NESN rant….

Even Helen Fucking Keller can see Bruins popularity is soaring in Boston these days. Why can’t NESN?


We are well aware of the fact that this will all change when the regular season starts. NESN will show the Bruins game while still finding ways to mention the Red Sox more. The point is we’re sick of the Bruins being treated like an afterthought by all of the major networks and stations (outside of Toucher and Rich’s show).

We get it. The Jacobs family killed interest in the Bruins for a long time. But the fans are coming back en masse. Boston is becoming the Hub of Hockey once again. Interest in the Bruins is the highest its been since you awkwardly lost your virginity in high school 15 years ago.

How does NESN respond to that?

By showing Red Sox games that people aren’t watching or going to instead of Bruins pre-season. Keep in mind they can show Sox games on NESN Plus. With the Bruins looking more promising than they have in years as well, all the talk is on what the Red Sox can do this offseason. Screw the Red Sox. It is hockey season. Give the fans what they want NESN. We know you’re owned by the Red Sox.

But we don’t care. All those empty seats in the crowd and the dwindling ratings should tell you something. No matter how much you try to shove the Sox down our throats, interest is going down. Boston is becoming a hockey city again. Just sit back and let it happen.

The Bruins stock is rising. Soaring. We look forward to NESN claiming they supported the Bruins all season when they make their Cup run. But we’ll know. And you’ll know. They treated a Sox team that is out of contention better than a rising Bruins team that fans are clamoring to see.

Instead we’re left scouring the internet looking for some sketchy feed of the game that is likely downloading viruses to our computers while we watch. We don’t care. We love the Bruins. At least the Bruins official site will be streaming the game.

Are you as mad as us about all this? Call NESN at 617-536-9233. Fax them at 617-536-7814. Email them at Tell them how you feel. Let them know they’re idiots without making Bruins fans look like inbred nuts.

And instead of visiting NESN for your Bruins needs, visit Comcast Sports Network England. At least they cover everything Bruins. Jack Edwards has to be going nuts over at NESN knowing they’re not airing these games. Maybe we can rescue him.

And attend games if you can. We know tickets are a bit over price but what better way to support the team than show up?

The Days of Y’Orr staff will be doing on our mini protest and watching Bruins games on Center Ice instead of NESN when available. Yeah we know, that makes no difference. But it’ll make us feel better. You’re a jerk NESN.

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