No, you’re not high; Mark Recchi really did fight

Recap coming later, but we figured after tonight’s loss we all could use a little more of this:

Don’t adjust your computer screen and no, you’re not high. OK, well maybe you are, but that is Old Man Recchi dropping the gloves tonight against some no name from Ottawa.

Hope Seguin was watching. That’s called heart right there. 

Shawn Thornton was taking notes… and that’s saying something.

There’s a 16 year difference between the two. Recchi lands a few punches and gets the take down. No namer gets to say he fought the ageless Mark Recchi.

Not bad for 42. We wouldn’t screw with him.

Wonder what was said to get Recchi to fight.

Experts say that 2004 was the last time Rex got in a scrap on the ice but we beg to differ. We think it’s a bit longer than that. Here’s an image from his last fight. 


Recchi > You


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